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Best Gun Range Ear Protection

Best Premium Ear Protection Sordin Supreme Pro

Marine Reviews Best Range Eye & Ear Protection
  • Great amplification with little to no chopping or cutting


  • Choose over-the-ear or neckband wisely, as they arent interchangeable

Sordin used to be a part of MSA, and that wasnt a good association to some people. Theyve since split and are now their own company, to the delight of many.

Some people dont like muffs that fit on the top of their head but dont like earplugs any better, leaving them to settle for one or the other. Luckily, the Sordin Supreme Pro-X offers a neckband version so that you dont have to compromise on personal preference, comfort, or performance.

If you shoot outdoors enough, youre going to end up getting wet sooner or later. The Supreme Pro-X muffs have two waterproof microphones so that youll still get great sound quality and amplification when they get wet.

  • Voice guidance control

Why It Made The Cut

The noise reduction and protection on the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 is absolutely top-notch. Youll feel like youve walked into a vacuum chamber with no sound.


  • Perfect for non-shoot activities, as well
  • Big buttons and voice guidance


  • At 11.4 oz, a little heavier than other options

The control buttons on the Sport Tactical 500 earmuffs are big and easy to navigate while wearing, and theres a voice guidance option so that you can make changes in a hands-free environment.

  • Swap out inner pieces for music or percussive filters


  • Really and truly, I do not have anything to detract from this product

Pro Ears Pro Tac Slim Gold

For most, youll be well-served with any of the Howard Leights with the possibility of upgrading to gel caps.

Next up is a bigger jump in price.

But with that, you get much better cutoff and amplification. Pro Ears has a stellar reputation and I like their Pro Tac Slim Gold edition. They dont make my Editors Pick because they fit a little tight for people and the ears arent as comfy as the MSA Sordins.

But if you want better sound quality and shutoff , I like Pro Ears Pro Tac Slim Gold with 28dB NRR.

What Are Key Features Of The Best Ear Protection

Noise protection

A good pair of shooting ear protection should have a noise reduction rating of 28 to 34. This provides you with a lot of protection because the higher the attenuation, the less noise can injure your ears. The protection attenuates noise at 85 decibels in some circumstances, which is typical of electronic ear protection. This is an important aspect to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your earmuffs.


Ear protection for shooting will need to be both practical and comfortable. A strong but pliable foam and textural surfaces like synthetic leather or even real leather are common. It’s excellent if the fabrics are breathable while still giving appropriate protection and it would be beneficial to you if the ear cups could also be altered in size or angle.


Plastic, silicone, rubber, ABS, synthetic leathers, various textiles, nylon, stainless steel, and other materials are used to manufacture shooting ear protection muffs and plugs. These factors will influence their appearance, functionality, design, and price. Protective earmuffs or plugs must be fashioned with comfortable, durable, breathable, and budget-friendly materials.



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Where Are You Shooting

Will you need to hear other sounds going on around you? If youre at a range or event with a lot of people with whom youll be interacting, or perhaps youre trying to hear approaching game in the woods, then youll probably want to go with some kind of active, or electronic, hearing protection. This helps amplify ambient sounds while blocking out the percussion of the firearm.

The 5 Best Earmuffs For An Indoor Shooting Range

Top 10 Hearing Protection for Shooting Range  Hunting &  Shooting ...

by Alan B | Last Updated Feb 6, 2022

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When selecting the best earmuffs for an indoor shooting range, youre going to want to beef up the NRR and the muff. If you dont, you could easily turn into one of the many people who complain about their ear protection at the range. All the muffs in this guide get the job done without doubling up unless youre firing a magnum. Even then, you may find that several of the more sophisticated muffs in this guide dampen the sound well enough to avoid damaging your ears.

Before we get started with an overview of the muffs, lets first consider the decibel levels at an indoor range and the recommended NRR to avoid hearing loss.

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Why Should I Buy A Best Shooting Hearing Protection

You can tell if you need or want a best shooting hearing protection by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement.Finishing your project in this manner is a lot of fun and simple to do.

Mpow 035 Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs

Mpow 035 Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs are another example of whats good about standard ear muff protection. They feature a very agreeable NRR rating of 28, are handsome and comfortable and they wont break your bank. Much of their noise cancelling ability is derived from their double shell construction.

While the 360 degree rotatable cans and thick, pliable foam padding ensure youll achieve a nice snug fit every time. Whether in the wild or at the range youll walk away with your eardrums intact. If we had to nitpick we might mention that the ear openings could have been a bit larger since not everyone has average sized ears. Beyond that though theyre a great value for the budget conscious shooter.

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Best Ear Protection For Shooting Faqs

Q: Do shooting earmuffs totally block out outside noise?

A: Shooting earmuffs are not designed to entirely block out noise. However, some are better than others at minimizing it. Make a point of finding the NRR to see how many decibels you can expect to cancel out.

Q: With electronic shooting earmuffs, why can you hear quiet sounds but not loud sounds?

A: All incoming sounds are captured by the little microphones inside electronic shooting ear muffs. A microprocessor then determines the decibel levels of each sound, and the ‘silent’ noises are played through built-in speakers.

Q: How often should the batteries in an electronic shooting earmuff be replaced?

A: Some electronic shooting ear muffs contain a small LED light that signals when it’s time to charge or replace the batteries, while others have a tone indicating low power. Each model can be different, so check the specifications of your specific product.

Cleararmor 141001 Shooters Safety Earmuff

Best Ear Protection for Shooting in 2021 – Which One Is the Best for You?

My next recommendation for ultimate hearing protection is the ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Safety Earmuff. One amazing thing about it is that it utilizes SonicSeal sound technology, which offers the highest level of protection from loud and harmful noises and sounds.

The materials used in creating the earmuff are also premium-grade, proving the quality of this pair of earmuffs from ClearArmor. I am pleased with the compact size of this earmuff as it makes it portable and easy to carry in a wide array of environments. It is lightweight, too, further improving its portability.

Even with its compactness and lightness, I can still confirm the durability of its overall structure. Expect a higher level of comfort from wearing this hearing protection, too, as it features a soft foam ear ring. With such a feature, you will not have issues with discomfort regardless of the length of time you are wearing it.

Add to that the properly cushioned headband and your comfort level will surely be categorized as superior. The built-in headband is also adjustable, promoting a snug fit since you just have to adjust it to fit the size of your head. Another thing that truly makes this ear protector amazing is its overall design that meets all safety standards.

Furthermore, I am in love with its folding design as it promotes more efficient storage. It also takes pride in its swivel cup design that has the perfect fit.

  • Break-in period required as it is tight initially

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Walkers Silencer In The Ear Plugs Pair

  • Noise Reduction Rating: 25 dB
  • Form Factor: Earplugs

Walkers Silencer In The Ear Plugs Pair has sound-activated compression to protect your hearing from high-decibel noise and integrated omnidirectional microphones to allow easy communication with your team.

The hearing protection comes in an earplug/bud form factor and has a 25 dB noise reduction rating.

Each pair comes with three different ear fins to ensure a proper fit and seal.

With an 80-hour battery life, you can get some serious range time between battery swaps.

Have the freedom of no interference while aiming and shooting with the Walkers Silencer In The Ear Plugs Pair.

They are available from Optics Planet. Heres where to buy it:

Howard Leight By Honeywell Laser Lite Earplugs

Laser Lite Earplugs by Honeywell

  • Available almost everywhere

  • Very comfortable for long periods of time

  • Bright colors make them easy to spot in a bag or when dropped

I think anyone who has ever been to a shooting range or construction site has seen a pair of Howard Leight Laser Lite earplugs. For many these are the gold standard, offering a great product at a cheap price. In fact, the laser lite are the earplugs I recommend for sleeping. Well, what makes them good for sleeping also makes them good for things that go bang.

A 33-decibel noise reduction with a good fit and a soft foam that fits the shape of your ears makes them a discrete and good low-cost option to protect your hearing.

The brightly colored foam also makes sure that if dropped you can easily find them unlike the earth-toned Macks earplugs listed above. The reason I give the nod to Macks version on this list is to do with the shape for me I love the flange that lets me easily handle them but people with very small ears complain that it blocks them from getting a deep insertion to the ear canal.

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What Should You Know Before Purchasing Shooting Ear Protection

Electronic vs. passive

Shooting earmuffs come in two varieties: passive and electric. Passive earmuffs are made of foam and plastic. Although they can make communication a bit difficult, they efficiently protect hearing by lowering all incoming noise. On the other hand, their simple design provides for a reduced price point while also making sanitization easier.

Similarly, electronic earmuffs reduce noise in the same way that passive earmuffs do. They can also distinguish between loud and quiet sounds with the help of small microphones and speakers embedded into the equipment, allowing the shooter to converse with others while still being protected from the loudness of a gunshot. However, an electronic earmuff’s components are sensitive, making sanitization and storage more difficult.


Though all shooting earmuffs reduce noise, some earmuffs aren’t appropriate for certain situations. If utilized in the field, a shooter should choose a lower-profile earmuff to avoid the ear muff being snagged or tugged by low-hanging branches or foliage.

A user should consider an earmuff that allows better communication if he/she intends to go to a shooting range. A shooter can easily hear safety precautions, instructions, or advice from fellow shooters or instructors with a pair of earmuffs that allow low-level noise to get through, but not the loud gunshots.


The Most Important Features To Consider

Comfortable Ear Muffs Best Shooting Range Professional Hearing ...
  • Type All of our recommended picks offer over the ear designs, which we feel works better in sealing the ear and taking full advantage of noise reduction and amplification. They do the best job at limiting the amount of noise that penetrates your eardrums. Design is also very important. Some electronic hearing protection headphones have beveled ear cups or cheek welds that allow users to better hold their choice of artillery when on the range. Others come with volume controls on each ear to calibrate amplification perfectly depending on your surroundings.
  • Battery LifeLook for electronic hearing protection with a minimum battery life of four hours with normal usage. Some of our better picks have 300+ hour battery life,m, good for nearly weeks of normal use without having to replace batteries. This is truly exceptional.
  • EffectivenessAt a minimum, we recommend electronic muffs with noise reduction rates of at least 20 dB. Most of the picks on our list offer 25+ dB noise reduction ratings, which is enough to notice a significant difference with muffled blasts. For even more protection, wearing earplugs is optional. Anything we can do to prevent hearing loss is very important. We also prioritized the amplification of noises under 85 dB. This allows users to better hear the instructors words or catch animal movement out in the wild. Noise reduction should not kill vital sounds needed to navigate your environment.
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    Caliber True Wireless Tactical Earbuds W/bluetooth

    • Noise Reduction Rating: 25 dB
    • Form Factor: Earbuds
    • Color: OD Green

    The Caliber True Wireless Tactical Earbuds w/Bluetooth by ISOtunes Sport uses advanced technology to amplify natural sounds while protecting your hearing.

    One of the best features of these earbuds is that it has a rechargeable battery and a two-hour auto shut-off feature for improved battery life.

    You can customize the fit of the earbuds with three pairs of short Trilogy Foam ear tips and three Trilogy Foam ear tips.

    You will have superior ear protection for shooting and situational awareness with a 25 dB noise reduction rate and a background noise-reducing microphone.

    Also, they come equipped with Bluetooth to play your favorite music or answer calls.

    The earbuds are dust, sweat, and waterproof with an IP67 rating for added durability.

    If you want superior hearing protection with an earbud form factor with Bluetooth, the Caliber True Wireless Tactical Earbuds w/Bluetooth by ISOtunes Sport is perfect for you.

    They are available from Optics Planet. Heres where to buy it:

    Here Are The Best Choices For Hunting Ear Protection That Hunters Can Use To Safeguard Their Hearing

    I think we can all agree that wed love to keep our sense of hearing for our entire life. After all, Im sure you know someone who has a tough time hearing and can barely carry on a conversation. There are many different things that can damage your ears, but if you do a lot of hunting with firearms, theres one simple thing you can do to avoid hearing loss and make sure you dont have to wear hearing aids later in life: wear hunting ear protection.

    Any noise louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. I cannot state this strongly enough: if it is loud enough, a single gunshot can cause immediate hearing damage. For reference, a gunshot is about 130-180 decibels .

    While noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus are both permanent, the good news is that its also preventable.

    The Noise Reduction Rating of ear protection describes how effective it is. Basically, a higher NRR means that hearing protection does a better job reducing your exposure to really loud noises.

    However, you should keep in mind that some firearms produce a pressure wave strong enough cause hearing loss by damaging the bones behind the ear, even if the ear canal is protected by an ear plug. This is particularly true for people shooting indoors or those exposed to repeated shots from shotguns or rifles . While ear plugs are certainly better than nothing, ear muffs are actually the most effective shooting and hunting ear protection you can wear.

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    Hearing Protection Buyer’s Guide

    Noise levels are measured in decibels, which we write “dB”. A gun shot is rated at 149dB and to compare, the typical office generally has a noise level of 60dB to 65dB. Noises louder than 80 decibels are dangerous and can cause immediate and permanent hearing loss. When we look at what hearing protection to buy, we need to pay close attention to the product’s NRR, or Noise Reduction Rating, which is defined as the maximum number of decibels that the hearing protector will reduce the sound level when worn. By law, all hearing protection products have to have a NRR rating. The highest NRR rating you can get is 33 NRR. A product with a 28 to 31 NRR is recommended for indoor shooting. There are two different kinds of hearing protection, ear plugs and ear muffs. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health actually recommends using both earplugs and earmuffs together when shooting. It might come as a surprise to hear that earplugs can actually offer more protection than ear muffs, because ear plugs fully block the ear canal.

    There are quite a few different types of ear plugs: single use, multiple-use, banded and corded. Banded or corded ear plugs are best if you move between a noisy place and a non-noisy place, like between the shooting range and your range’s lobby. Multiple-use earplugs are easier to use because they do not require rolling to fit in your ear.

    Defining Proper Hearing Protection

    Best Ear Protection for Shooting in 2021 – Which One Is the Best for You?

    All hearing protection is hardly created equal. You should invest in quality ear protection with a high noise reduction rating to protect your hearing sufficiently. To understand the NRR Rating of hearing protection, you must first calculate how much sound it genuinely reduces.

    The formula for calculating noise exposure is:

  • Subtract seven from the NRR Rating of the hearing protection
  • Divide the answer to number 1 by 2
  • Subtract the answer to number 2 from the original noise exposure level
  • The least effective kind of hearing protection is the disposable foam plug inserts designed for anyone other than shooters in mind. They range in NRR Ratings from the low to mid-20s but even this isnt the main problem. The central issue is they are rarely installed correctly or at least correctly enough to do their job of reducing sound effectively.

    First, the foam ear has to be squished and inserted into the ear canal. Then, you have to give the foam time to expand and push the plug down into the ear. If you can hear someone talking easily, your ear protection is probably not doing its job effectively.

    The highest end of the NRR Rating is 33 NRR, which should be used in the loudest situations such as indoor shooting, for which hearing protection should always provide between 28 and 31 NRR. You should generally always look to purchase the highest rating possible.

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