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Cara Siesta Key Nose Job

See Before And After Photos

Cara & Garrett’s Awkward Reunion Siesta Key

Cara nose job before and after siesta key. We didnt think she even needed a nose job but it looks good. It is evident that she went. Again I can only imagine how easy it is to get swept into the drama of Siesta Key and her new TV family.

Celebrity Siesta Key Juliette Porter Nose Job. She confirmed that she had gotten a nose job in between shooting Seasons 2 and 3 of the reality series. Interestingly its not the past that is affecting their current dynamics.

Cara gave Garrett an earful for not commenting on her nose job leaving him completely at flux. Cara revealed to her boyfriend Garrett that she had gotten a nose job. He accidentally addresses her as ex-girlfriend Cara Geswelli Siesta Key Reunion.

She is one of my. AND GET FREAKY WITH US. Pictures showing her image before and after tell it all.

Cara beforeafter pic on the right was in the sneak peak for the new season nose job- beautiful profiles either way but I loved her exotic natural look. But when he didnt notice it she was pretty pissed. Garrett was with Kelsey Owens while Cara was with Alex Kompothecras.

Keep reading on for all the info on the Cara Geswelli nose job. Do you like it. Cara revealed that she had a nose job from season 2 of Siesta Key to season 3 of Siesta Key.

We offer you complete transparency because we work for you not the hospitals. Ciara nose job is viewed to be done after her graduation from high school. In his defense Garrett.

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Before And After Surgery: Cara Geswelli

In October 2018, Cara shared a side profile of her nose which showed a slight bump on the ridge, as well as a pointier snout.

Then in April 2019, when she asked Garrett what he thought of her new nose, she began sharing photos which looked significantly different.

Some fans think Cara may have gotten another nose job since then, but this has not been confirmed by the MTV star herself.

In March 2020, the reality star shared another side view picture of herself, which some fans used to compare to how her nose looked before.



Alex Kompothecras’ Dad Started It All

Siesta Key fans can thank Alex Kompothecras’ dad Gary Kompothecras for bringing the reality show to life. According to Sarasota’s Herald-Tribune, Gary knew his son and his friends could produce some good television. “I go, ‘You guys are really having a hell of a lifestyle,'” Gary told the newspaper, before adding, “Plus they’re good kids, so that was the main thing, they weren’t bad kids. I said this would be a good story because when I was growing up, you had Father Knows Best, you had My Three Sons, you had people with values and I didn’t see that in the TV of late.”

Gary, a chiropractor and founder of the medical and legal referral service 1800-ASK-GARY, clearly had deep enough pockets to fund his son’s reality television show pilot. For instance, look at the $12 plus million dollar mansion the Kompothecras family lives in which by the way is ranked #10 on Sarasota Magazine’s list of ‘The 20 Most Expensive Homes’ in the city.

Gary hired a Jacksonville production team to shoot what would become the Siesta Key pilot and peddled it to several different networks. It wasn’t until about a year later that he heard back. “MTV called up out of the blue and said, ‘Listen, this is what we’ve been looking for,'” Gary told the Herald-Tribune. Siesta Key premiered its third season in January 2020, so clearly Gary’s idea was on point.

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Siesta Keys Jordana Barnes Debuts New Nose Job

Jordana has always appeared confident with how she carries herself and her romantic interactions on Siesta Key.

She made the decision, however, to get cosmetic work done and showed off the results of a nose job she had done.

She shared a photo on her Instagram stories with a bandage over her nose.

She captioned the post, Id like to see my nose already.

In her next post, she reminded her followers that her nose was still very swollen. She also told her haters to keep that in mind before messaging something rude.

It seems that people may have been reaching out to Jordana when they saw she had some work done and shared some unwelcomed opinions.

In a longer post, she shared, I dont appreciate messages telling me how perfect my nose was already, my face my choice isnt that cool? Im 30 years old and finally had the courage to do what Ive wanted since I was 16.

She then explained how shes had breathing problems that she wanted to take care of in addition to fixing the shape of her nose.

She continued, Im happy about my decision and will continue to share my journey with you guys but keep in mind that telling someone they didnt need something after they made the decision to do it isnt it.

Jordana ended her rant with a thank you to those who have shown her support and said she couldnt wait to show off the end results once shes healed.

If Drama Counts Alex’s Cousin Pauly Should Be The Real Star Of Siesta Key

Another nose job for Cara?? Her nose was perfect after the first one ...

You may recall Alex Kompothecras’ dad Gary Kompothecras telling nephew Paul “Pauly Paul” Apostolides he needed to get his crap together on Siesta Key because he wasn’t going to keep bailing his nephew out . That advice obviously fell on deaf ears.

Apostolides was arrested in Sarasota in June 2018. “Paul, who is an aspiring rapper, had failed to show up in court for a drinking in public charge, so a cop was conducting surveillance,” TMZ reported. The same outlet said police found 27.6 grams of marijuana on Apostolides, which wasn’t good news for the reality star since anything over 20 grams is categorized as a felony in Florida. We should probably add that the reality star/wannabe musician was also driving on a suspended license with expired vehicle tags when police arrested him. But the drama didn’t end there.

The reality star was arrested again in September 2019 for violating probation. According to a separate TMZ story, Apostolides left Florida to attend the MTV Video Music Awards but didn’t ask for permission to skip town, which is a probation no-go. Maybe it’s time for another Uncle Gary lecture? Sadly, this seems to be a pattern for the reality star. Apostolides was charged with contempt of court for failing to appear in court for a totally different marijuana charge in 2017, according to Tampa’s News Channel 8.

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Cara Geswellis Age And Birthday

Born in New Jersey on March 14th 1995, Siesta Key star Cara has just turned 27 years old. Growing up, she was a scholar athlete in high school, and played lacrosse during her senior year in Morristown.

Despite only being in her 20s, viewers see how much she has grown since season 2. From apologising to ex Garrett about how she treated him, to going to Kelsey Owens house to say sorry, shes mature enough to admit mistakes.

She has always been brutally honest, even going back to 2016. For Halloween that year, she wrote Alexs name on her long list of ex-lovers for her costume!

LOVE Caras brutal honesty #SiestaKey

More ‘siesta Key’ News:

Cara is convinced it was more than just a casual conversation, though, and pushes the issue further. Why did you talk to her for a f***ing hour?! Garrett explains that Kelsey was telling him about her mom, who has MS, but Cara isnt having it. You realize thats like, her ploy? she wonders, then tells Garrett, Its embarrassing that youre sitting here talking to your ex. From there, things start exploding, and Garrett brings up the fact that Cara paid a laid night visit to her ex, Alex Kompothecras, house earlier in the summer.

You went over to Alexs and I wasnt even there! he says. Like, what happened there? Cara sticks by her story that she simply went there, talked to Alex and left, while Garrett insists that most of his conversation with Kelsey was about his and Caras relationship. That girl is trashy, Cara shouts. Its embarrassing for you to even talk to her, number one. Im embarrassed that my name has even come out of that girls mouth. I dont know what to tell you.

Things really blow up after that, though in the midst of the fight, Garrett seems to slip and almost call Cara, Kelsey! Of course, she calls him out on it, and the preview ends with them locked in the battle. Well have to wait and see what happens for these two when the finale of Siesta Key airs on April 2 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV!

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Siesta Key Fans Notice Her Growth

Since season 2, its clear that Cara has changed, and her mature actions havent gone amiss by viewers. She has never been afraid to speak her mind, and now that she has become besties with Jordana, its even more clear to see.

Looking through Twitter, several fans have voiced their opinions on her evolution up to season 5. One fan wrote: This may be the season Cara is my fave #siestakey.

Queen Cara back full time?? #SiestaKey, questioned A happy viewer. While another Siesta Key fan posted online: I dont care what yall say about Cara, shes my favorite.

Her upfront personality had one fan react with:

I dont think Cara is a bad person. Her personality is different and you have to really get to know her. Her personality definitely doesnt mesh with everyone.

Caras growth from season 2 to now is everything #SiestaKey

Can We Just Appreciate The Beauty That Is Cara Geswelli For A Moment Please

Dating DISASTERS & FIGHTS Siesta Key Season 3 Recap

She would be more beautiful if she thought so herself

she looked good in the New York scene. I think NY style suits her better than the Florida beach style.

Yeah when I saw her scene I was so happy that shes so much better off!!

i thought she was prettier and more unique looking with her old nose, but the new nose looks good too

I liked her old nose 🙁

yes!! absolutely nothing wrong with her old nose i don’t quite understand her decision

I’ve always thought she was the prettiest girl on the show.

Shed be even more beautiful if she had a better attitude

It’s not beauty that she’s lacking……

She looks like shes had a lot of work done… good work tho

Shes beautiful but looking very skinny lately :/

I was thinking this during the NYC clips and especially in her recent insta stories.

But how much is real? Hah she is super hot though

She literally looks 15 here

Not into her looks shrugs

No. We cant. Because when youre that ugly on the inside your physical beauty doesnt really matter.

To bad she’s ugly on the inside!

Yeah she might be beautiful on the outside, but damn is she ugly on the inside and her personality SUCKS!

Too bad her insides are ugly.

Has anyone found her ‘ex’ now on again boyfriend?

Hes on her insta… mike messler. Looks like he is also big into fishing and according to his linked in he owns messler foods llc

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Cara Before/after Nose Job

This makes me sad.. she had a beautiful nose and was all around gorgeous!

Looks like she showed them a picture of Meghan Markles nose and said give me that

Yep!! The thing about that though is it makes it kind of not special, duplicatable – I would have kept her OG nose but if she feels more confident with a done one good for her

She looks like a different person to me, like Haylie Duff or something, She used to look like Aly Michalka.

Moral of the story it looks great glad cars loves it.

Putting On A Fake Front On Social Media

You can’t really say the cast of Siesta Key is putting on too much of a fake front since the show is bursting at the seams with drama. Viewers have already seen a fight ending in a nose job, fat-shaming, cheating lovers, and run-ins with the law. However, one media outlet suggested the cast that the reality is actually worse than the… reality show. During the week the show premiered in 2017 Orlando Weekly‘s Colin Wolf observed that “the cast of Siesta Key have already purged their social media accounts of just about anything remotely controversial.” He continued, “The main character, Alex Kompothecras, scorched his Instagram so hard that if you scroll down just a few posts you’d think he was a 12-year-old kid last week.”

Wolf was allegedly able to reproduce a few of the casts now-deleted social media posts though thanks to the anti-Siesta Key Facebook page BoycottSiestaKeyMTV. One post they allegedly dug up from Alex Kompothecras Instagram showed Kompothecras and a friend pouring beer on a young girl with the hashtag #onceyougoblackyourneverWELCOMEback. Another post, allegedly compliments of Paul Apostilides, showed a restaurant receipt picture where he left his waitress a free guest pass to a gym instead of a tip. The caption? “The waiter was fat an lazy so this is the tip I left with hashtags like #loseweight and #fatty.” Yikes.

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Death Threats Cancelled Siesta Key’s Premiere Party

According to Gary Kompothecras, part of the reason a Florida screening party for the Season 1 premiere of Siesta Key was canceled was because Alex Kompothecras started getting death threats. And no, it wasn’t for cheating on Juliette Porter. It had to do with a disturbing “video of a shark being dragged to death behind a speed boat,” according to People. Alex was originally connected to the animal cruelty claims, but he denied any involvement and condemned the act in a now-deleted social media post . Investigators conducted a four-month investigation and arrested three people in connection with the shark’s death. Alex was not one of them, but his initial connection to the case caused him significant trouble.

Speaking with People, Alex said he received “horrific comments,” and claimed he “couldn’t even go outside to walk dog” during the “hectic and scary” time. However, Alex did own up to his involvement with other shocking videos and images that he posted and subsequently deleted from social media. According to CBS News, one of the videos depicted a man, who looks like Alex and was wearing similar clothes that Alex was wearing in a photo he definitely posted shooting a hammerhead shark to death off the side of a boat. Without identifying himself as the shooter, Alex did say to People, “There are images of me and I feel horrible. I am embarrassed and it won’t happen again.”

The Alex Juliette And Madisson Love Triangle Was Real

15 Fun Facts about Cara Geswelli from " Siesta Key"

No #fakenews in this storyline! Siesta’s Key’s Madisson Hausburg says the love triangle you saw on Season 1 between herself, Alex Kompothecras, and Juliette Porter was the real deal. In a 2017 interview with MTV Australia, Hausburg said she didn’t know Kompothecras was seeing Porter when she hooked up with him. “I had met Juliette the summer before, when I had come home from college and hooked up with Alex not knowing she and Alex were together,” Hausburg told the outlet, adding, “Neither of us were happy about it. Of course, I felt terrible about it, but I then knew that she did not like me,” she said.

In the same interview, Hausburg said she and Porter were obviously not “great friends” when they first met, and her initial thoughts on her ex’s new lady was that she came off “very young.” However, Porter wasn’t the only castmate for which Hasuburg had some shade. Here’s how she really feels about the rest of the Siesta Key gang: “This isn’t the crew I’d necessarily hang out with these days … but Alex really is the centerpiece of the whole crew,” Hausburg told the same source, adding, “We have so much history together, like 8 years now, and while the others are great people, you’re right I wouldn’t necessarily find myself hanging out with them if it weren’t for Alex bringing us all together.”

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The Untold Truth Of Siesta Key

First airing in July 2017, the MTV reality show Siesta Key follows a group of wealthy, attractive friends in their daily life as they date each other, fight, break up, then repeat. The show is set just outside of Sarasota, Fla. on the gorgeous little 8-mile-long strip known as Siesta Key Island. When it premiered, Siesta Key gave viewers just enough originality to differ itself from MTV’s eerily similar 2000-era reality show Laguna Beach. But, let’s be real, Siesta Key does way more than fill The Hillssized hole that was left in our hearts when Lauren Conrad and friends went away.

For starters, most of the Siesta Key cast just finished college or are pursuing acting, singing or modeling. The cast ranges in age from 19 to 25, and includes resident rich boy Alex Kompothecras and his diverse group of friends who appear to be taking full advantage of their last days of carefree freedom before they move into adulthood.

While MTV presents Siesta Key, Laguna Beach, The Hills, and The City as unscripted reality shows, producers and cast members from the Laguna Beach franchise later admitted the franchise was partly scripted. Do you ever wonder if Siesta Key is faux-reality too? We’ve attempted to sort that out and dig up a few lesser-known secrets about MTV’s newest gang of reality stars. Let’s dive into the untold truth of Siesta Key.

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