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Ear Buds For Working Out

Best Workout Headphones With Built

Best Earbuds for Working Out (Late 2021)


These headphones from H2O have both a built-in MP3 player as well as Bluetooth capabilitythe MP3 player has enough storage to hold around 2,000 songs. You dont need to avoid the water while workout out, as they are submersible up to 12 feet of water. H2O Audio has been making waterproof audio products for 20 years now, so they are among the pioneers in this field.

Best Ear Hook Style: Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

These top-of-the-line Powerbeats are a fitness favorite for good reason. The adjustable yet secure fit of the ear hooks provides the ultimate comfort and stability, while the battery allows for up to nine hours of listening time without the charging case. These entirely wireless, high-performance headphones hold up against the sweatiest workouts, and they offer excellent sound quality with just the right amount of noise isolation to keep you focused and motivated.

The extended range of their Bluetooth connectivity prevents dropouts and disconnects from the playlist on your smartphone, and the Fast Fuel feature gives the headphones 1.5 hours of life after just five minutes of charging when the battery is low.

Price at time of publication: $250

Best Earphones For Taking Calls During Your Workout: Bose Sport Earbuds


If you are someone who often needs to multitaskand arent we all?you will appreciate that these Bose earbuds seem designed with you in mind. Easy controls let you change settings or answer calls with a quick swiping motion, and the microphone isolates your voice from background noise so callers can hear you better. The package includes three sizes of StayHear Max tips so you can customize the fit.

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How Do These Sound To You

The latest Beats has workouts in mind and plays nicely with Android phones and iPhones. Unlike the Powerbeats Pro, the Beats Fit Pro has no hooks but it does have active noise cancelling . While noise cancelling is a nice feature, it isnt the most reliable. As of May 2022, we still have not been able to get the ANC to work properly with our test setup. It worked for a bit but malfunctioned and hasnt resumed since even after weeks of troubleshooting, hence why it doesnt merit a spot as a top pick.

That said, if you dont care for ANC and just want a pair of earbuds that fits well, stays in place, and has other premium features like automatic ear detection and an IPX4 rating, the Fit Pro may still be worth it. You can read all about the pros and cons of the headset in our Beats Fit Pro review.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Nine of The Best Earbuds Headphones for Working Out 2017: Wired and ...

If you’re an Apple user looking for something sporty, don’t start with the AirPods start with the Powerbeats Pro. It’s not just because Apple owns all things Beats but because these earbuds are much better designed for activity.

The ear hook design gives them an edge in practicality for running so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. Also, despite a more modest IPX4 rating, the more rubberized finish offers greater sweat and water resistance than the more exposed AirPods.

The secure fit also helps deliver better sound than the AirPods. With multiple ear tip sizes and the hooks’ stability, it should be easy to find a fit that creates a tighter seal to improve the audio further. Once you do, you’ll find these have a nice sound signature with richer and cleaner output. There’s bass if you’re looking for that, which is even better when you find the proper seal.

If you carry a Lightning charging cable around for your iPhone, you can use the same one to charge up the case for these earbuds. It’s not a small case, making it less portable than others, but at least there’s a sizeable battery inside. You can expect up to nine hours per charge, with 24 hours coming from the case. So with a quick five-minute charge, you can squeeze out about 90 minutes of playback.

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Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbuds

The Bose SoundSport headphones look visually similar to the Jaybird Tarah Pro, but come with the fuller sound profile youve come to expect from Bose. Unfortunately, they only have six hours of battery life and chunky ear tips. The latter of these is the real kickernot only do these headphones stick out of your ears, which looks weird, but theyre also pretty heavy. Even though you can work out in them, it wont be nearly as comfortable as using the Tarah Pro. But if you want the higher-fidelity experience of a slightly wired headphone, with plenty of weather resistance, the SoundSports will do the trick.

Why Is The Jabra Elite 7 Active The Best Pair Of Workout Earbuds

Jabra has some of the best wireless earbuds on the market, and the Jabra Elite 7 Active builds upon the companys empire. Like the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, the Elite 7 Active has an IP57 rating so you dont have to worry about dust or water damage. Unlike other workout earbuds from Jabra, the Elite 7 Active is wrapped in a ShakeGrip cover to keep the earbuds in place. You dont get wing tips but the earbuds fit our reviewer and test head well.

The Jabra Elite 7 Active doesnt come cheap but you get plenty of features here like active noise cancelling, wireless charging, and one of the best mobile headphone apps around. While Jabras default sound is a bit more bass-heavy than what we recommend, it doesnt pose an issue because you can just equalize the sound directly in the app. This headset cant outperform the Bose QC Earbuds or Sony WF-1000XM4 when it comes to noise cancelling but its fine, and the passive isolation is better than most in-ears.

The microphone sounds pretty good when you speak from ideal, quiet spaces and it even does a fair job of isolating the speakers voice from our simulated office environment. Take a listen below!

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Inexpensive Waterproof Buds For $38


The Tribit FlyBuds 3 earbuds have a strong IPX8 waterproof rating, which means you can use them through sweaty workouts or while on walks in the rain. They lack noise cancellation, but they can last up to five hours on per charge, and the wireless charging case adds another 95 hours of playtime. Or, you can use the case as a power bank to charge your phone. The additional coupons brings the price down to just under $40.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds: Apple Airpods Pro

TOP 5 Wireless Earbuds for the Gym (Updates)

When we first read the specs on the Apple AirPods Pro, we noticed something: Theres a lot of technology packed into these Bluetooth earbuds. Our reviewers say that it was remarkably easy to forget they were even wearing the earbuds at all, a result of the Pros lightness, customizable fit design and anti-noise canceling capabilities. Basically, the review team literally lost themselves to the music during their workouts.

The AirPods Pro stay put with the help of internally tapered, flexible tips that click into place . There are even vents within the earbuds that equalize pressure to literally make it feel like theres nothing in your ears. These little details add up in a big way and they honestly helped the AirPods Pro give the Beats Fit Pro a run for its money in the best pick overall category. But where the AirPods Pro really shine is their immersive sound technology. They achieve a level of active noise cancelation that no other headphones or earbuds on this list could touch, let alone surpass. Their outward-facing microphone detects external sound, then filters it away before you ever hear it. If you really want to block out all distractions and put everything youve got into your fitness routine, we highly recommend the Apple AirPods Pro.

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Is It Better To Work Out With Earphones Or Headphones

There’s subjectively no “better” option between earphones or headphones when working out. Ultimately, the best option is the headphone type, be it over-ear or in-ear, that feels better to you and helps you be more consistent with your workouts. Although over-ear workout headphones aren’t as often seen in gyms and on athletes today, they’re surprisingly stable, durable, and most importantly, wireless thanks to Bluetooth tech.

Beats Fit Pro Review: Active Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is surprisingly great. Like, AirPods Pro great. One would swear Apple stuffed its noise-cancelling circuitry into the Fit Pro. The feature silences background interference at a high level, letting you work out in different settings or recover at home peacefully.

Using the buds mostly indoors, I was happy with the noise neutralization they provided. Humming and rumbling noises were muted, along with loud chatter and televisions raised at high volume. Other common distractions that didnt grab my attention were doorbells, kitchen appliances, and my mother-in-laws iPhone ringer. High frequencies were also handled well, though most of them still came through the soundscape street whistles and my baby boys cries were discernible.

Transparency mode is just as good. Theres no way to adjust how much noise you want to hear, but the mics open widely to let in lots of clear and distinctive sound from outside. For instance, I was able to hear my infant son joyfully laughing several rooms over, as well as my wife whistling for attention across the room. We even engaged in brief conversations when close to each other it was great not having to pause or remove the buds to chat. The feature was most useful outside during runs, letting me hear everything from ambulance sirens to oncoming traffic to the barge work taking place on the waterway outside of the house.

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Best Workout Headphones Black Friday Deals

Why you can trust Tom’s Guide Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

It’s Black Friday deals season, which means we can expect all sorts of discounts on the best workout headphones. It pays to start shopping as early as possible if you’re looking for top performance that echos the iconic style of the real thing but without the big price tag. Many of our favorite picks will be on sale making this period an ideal time to buy one of the best workout headphones. Be sure to follow our Black Friday live blog for all of your shopping needs this holiday season.

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Wired Over Ear Sport Earbuds, Sweatproof in Ear Headphones for Running ...

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Best Overall: Beats Fit Pro

Out of every pair of earbuds we reviewed for this article, the Beats Fit Pro is the one that pulled out all the stops. It emerged not just as the best wireless earbuds, but the absolute best across the board. If youve ever struggled with earbuds that fall out of your ear in the middle of your run or exercise routine, the Beats Fit Pro addresses this frustration head on with what it calls its secure-fit wingtips. These wingtips give the earbuds the flexibility to conform to any ear shape so that the Beats Fit Pro stay put. This means the Beats Fit Pro will stay snug in your ear to keep the music and your workout going.

Aside from a design that matches your ear shape, the Beats Fit Pro comes with three soft silicone eartip sizes . And the Beats Fit Pro dont skip out on audio quality either. Its spatial audio technology immerses you in your music, movie or show while its active noise canceling blocks unwanted external sound.

Best Sounding Headphones For Working Out

Bose Sport Earbuds have the high-quality sound that Bose is known for, plus use a winged ear-tip for a super secure fit.

Pros: Stable and secure fit, sweat- and weather resistant at IPX4, 5 hours of battery life and up to 10 hours with charging case

Cons: Learning curve with fit for winged eartip, no noise cancellation

It took me a few tries to figure out how exactly the winged eartips were supposed to go in my ear but once in, they were very secure during high-impact workouts. They felt a little heavier than some of the more minimalist ear buds but were still comfortable throughout entire workouts. The other testers stated, too, that even when sweaty, the earbuds didn’t slip around at all.

The sound, which Bose is known for, is definitely high-quality. The buds use volume-optimized Active EQ to automatically boost the lows and highs so your music stays on point with every new song.

But having the ability to listen to quality audio doesn’t mean you should blast your favorite music on 11 while working out. Candice Ortiz-Hawkins, an audiologist with Capital Institute of Hearing and Balance and previously an audiologist for the military, told Insider that listening to music too loudly and for too long can definitely be damaging.

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Are Airpods Good For Exercise

AirPods Pro can work well for exercising because they have 3 different tip sizes. That will help you get a good fit that will stay in place while you work out. They also have an IPX4 water-resistance rating, so you dont have to worry about sweat and an occasional water splash. The transparency mode option can even help keep you safe if you choose to run outside.

Bose Sport Earbuds Review: Audio Quality

TOP 5: Best Workout Headphones 2022

Audio on the Sport Earbuds is satisfying, with Boses proprietary drivers and Active EQ giving the buds a warm, balanced soundstage thats close to what youll hear from the Bose 700. This is pretty impressive, especially for the price. Even though I feel the SoundSport Frees signature delivers more punch, the Sport Earbuds is better balanced, which allowed me to enjoy music fully and hear subtle nuances in recordings.

The growling bass on Travis Scotts Sicko Mode is an adrenaline shot to your ears and will have you mean-mugging when ramping up speeds on the Peloton. Reverberation was impactful and smooth, leaving no distortion on the soundscape. Sticking with boomy selections, I went to some 90s hip-hop go-tos for exercising and got plenty of energy blasting KRS-Ones Outta Here, as the infectious jazz bassline and pounding snares stimulated a second wind when finishing my run.

Videos sounded just as good on the Sport Earbuds. When glued to my MacBook Pro screen for the recent 2020 presidential election 2020 updates, I was rewarded with loud, crisp-sounding vocals that made listening to political commentators on poorly connected Zoom calls tolerable. The level of clarity produced on podcasts was amazing as well.

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Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Wireless Earbuds

There is very little in this category under $50 thats sweat-proof, sounds decent, and actually connects easily with your phone. But after testing some real stinkers, we found one actually kinda good pair at $50: the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2. Soundcore kind of owns the universe of super cheap, beater headphones. The sound quality wont win any awards, but for $50, these Soundcore earbuds sound fuller, clearer, and more balanced than youd expect. Water-resistant headphones arent super common at this price, but these are IPX5 rated, which means theyre protected extremely well against water and dust. The flexible silicone airwings easily conform to the shape of your ear and, impressively, they offer a whopping 100 hours of battery life in total from the charging case . Weve never tried to workout for 100-hours straight, but rest assured these are not headphones that are going to die on your way to the gym.

Bose Sport Earbuds Review: Design

Its easy to confuse the Sport Earbuds for Boses flagship model, the QuietComfort Earbuds. The matte-finished design with laser-etched Bose logo on the front makes them almost look identical, though you can identify the sportier version by its smaller form, the small vents on the front, and two of the aforementioned color options , which the QC Earbuds do not come in. Overall, these buds have an understated look that is less of an eyesore than its noise-cancelling sibling.

Construction-wise, the Sport Earbuds is solidly built and will withstand the daily abuse youll put them through. The frame is built from high-end composite plastic that is tough to penetrate, plus it is IPX4-rated for sweat and weather resistance. As great as this sounds, the reality is most consumers would prefer their wireless sport earbuds come waterproof, especially at the Sport Earbuds sub-luxury price point. We have seen several premium models and cheap models grant this. Why not Bose?

There are some small details that show Bose put some thought into developing the Sport Earbuds for practical use. I mentioned the vents on the front, but there are also vents placed at the bottom of the casing for the mics, which were done to boost call quality and virtual assistance support . Youll also notice the thick sensor on the inside part of the bud that automatically detects when the earbuds are removed.

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