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Eyes Ears Nose And Throat

Eyes Ears Nose And Throat

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat, and Mouth Assessment

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Providing Comprehensive Ent Care In 6 Convenient Locations

Dr. Michael Zoller founded ENT Associates of Savannah in 1977 with the goal of providing the best possible ear, nose, and throat care for patients in Savannah. As Savannah and Coastal Georgia have grown, so have we. What started as a single ENT office has evolved into a regional practice. Our mission is to offer comprehensive care for all ENT related problems in Savannah and the surrounding areas. With ENT Associates of Savannah, there is no bouncing around from expert to expert our medical team can treat all your ENT issues.

How Are Ent Doctors Trained

Otolaryngologists go to 4 years of medical school. They then have at least 5 years of special training. Finally, they need to pass an exam to be certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Some also get 1 or 2 years of training in a subspecialty:

  • Allergy: These doctors treat environmental allergies with medicine or a series of shots called immunology. They also can help you find out if you have a food allergy.
  • Facial and reconstructive surgery:These doctors do cosmetic surgery like face lifts and nose jobs. They also help people whose looks have been changed by an accident or who were born with issues that need to be fixed.
  • Head and neck:If you have a tumor in your nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, voice box, or upper esophagus, this kind of specialist can help you.
  • Laryngology:These doctors treat diseases and injuries that affect your voice box and vocal cords. They also can help diagnose and treat swallowing problems.
  • Otology and neurotology:If you have any kind of issue with your ears, these specialists can help. They treat conditions like infections, hearing loss, dizziness, and ringing or buzzing in your ears .
  • Pediatric ENT: Your child might not be able to tell theirà doctor what’s bothering them. Pediatric ENTs are specially trained to treat youngsters, and they have tools and exam rooms designed to put kids at ease.

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Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates Pa Fort Mill Sc

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  • Lowest rating: 3
  • Descriptions: Hearing Aids in Fort Mill, SC. Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. at 1698 West Hwy. 160 Suite 240, Fort Mill, SC 29708 offers a wide range of
  • More : Hearing Aids in Fort Mill, SC. Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. at 1698 West Hwy. 160 Suite 240, Fort Mill, SC 29708 offers a wide range of

Ear Nose Throat And Eyes

Anatomical Models

The combination of both hearing and vision impairment, referred to as dual-sensory impairment is a chronic condition becoming more prevalent as the baby boomers reach older ages. In urban areas, such as New York City, with more resources available for hospital and rehabilitative care, the recognition of DSI is significantly greater than in suburban or rural parts of the country. DSI can negatively impact physical function, communication, social skills, and emotional well-being. Daily, a person with both vision and hearing loss may have a harder time performing simple tasks independently, such as getting dressed in the morning or cooking meals. In addition, risk for cognitive decline, depression, social isolation, falls, comorbid chronic conditions, and mortality increase .

Vision issues will immediately cause concern and an appointment with an eye doctor, whereas hearing issues, unless sudden, tend to be overlooked for longer. If you have vision impairment, it is good practice to obtain a baseline hearing test during your office visit at ENT and Allergy Associates. Identifying dual-sensory impairment provides our physicians and audiologists with valuable information and greater opportunity to properly diagnose, treat, and refer patients for further care.


Malawer, Abby F., “A Systematic Review of Dual-Sensory Impairment in Older Adults” . CUNY Academic Works.

Family Physician, 60, 99-108.


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Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates Pa

  • Highest rating: 3
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.- Fort Mill. Rated 2.5 / 5from 5 reviews yelp. 601 Sutton Rd S Fort MillSC29715. 547-3800.
  • More : Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.- Fort Mill. Rated 2.5 / 5from 5 reviews yelp. 601 Sutton Rd S Fort MillSC29715. 547-3800.

The Importance Of Eye Ear Nose And Throat Health In 2020

The start of a new decade is the perfect opportunity to reexamine your health and embrace a new wellness journey. In doing so, diet and exercise may come to mind first. However, one of the most overlooked and vital factors for long-term health is the well-being of your eyes, ears, nose and throat.

Eye Health

Scheduling regular eye examinations are important in order to properly protect your vision.

For Meagan Hathaway1, a 19-year-old from Marblehead, a routine check-up with her pediatrician led to a complex eye diagnosis. Meagan had a concerning brown spot on her eye and was referred to ophthalmologist Mary E. Aronow, MD2 at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. She was diagnosed with eye melanoma.

Meagan’s mother Trish, upon learning of the diagnosis, said, “I was shocked, but also reassured, because Dr. Aronow laid everything out for us.”

After successful radiation treatment, Meagan was able to return to her athletic life and continue swimming, her favorite activity.

In the digital age, eye health is more vital than ever, as overconsumption of technology and blue screens is commonplace. A reduction in screen exposure3 throughout the day, and taking periodic breaks at work, can drastically reduce eye strain and dryness.

Also, proper eye hygiene is necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria. For makeup wearers4, hand washing is essential prior to the application of eye makeup, as is regularly replacing products such as mascara and eyeliner, which expire.

Ear Health

Nose Health

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Otolaryngologists In Lawrenceville Princeton And Freehold New Jersey And Now Newtown Pa

At Princeton Eye and Ear we are your go-to care provider for all of your problems concerning otolaryngology and even face or neck cosmetic surgery. We believe that each doctor and patient become a team for treating an individuals eyes, nose and throat problems. Our otolaryngologists spend most of their time listening to understand your concerns and responding with the best treatment options for you. With the help of our professional staff, we also follow up to make sure problems are resolved and your health improves.

We want our patients to be informed about ear, nose and throat issues and treatments because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well being. That is why weve included an extensive section on this website covering common topics and conditions associated with ear, nose and throat diagnostics and treatments. Our staff is fully equipped to handle all of your facial and neck cosmetic or reconstructive services. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern related to ear, nose and throat health!

What Conditions Do Otolaryngologists Treat

HEENT – Health Assessment of Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat

ENT’s can do surgery and treat many different medical conditions. You would see one if you have a problem involving:

  • An ear condition, such as an infection, hearing loss, or trouble with balance
  • Nose and nasal issues like allergies, sinusitis, or growths
  • Throat problems like tonsillitis, difficulty swallowing, and voice issues
  • Sleep trouble like snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, in which your airway is narrow or blocked and it interrupts your breathing while you sleep
  • Infections or tumors of your head or neck

Some areas of your head are treated by other kinds of doctors. For example, neurologists deal with problems with your brain or nervous system, and ophthalmologists care for your eyes and vision.

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Practise Judicious Use Of Antibiotics For Acute Otitis Media

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 15:01:00 GMT

Dr Caroline Ward examines updated NICE guidance on the management of acute otitis media, which aims to limit inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics

  • Tue, 22 Dec 2020 13:12:00 GMT

    Dr Aisling MacCormac provides nine top tips on managing the symptoms of sicca syndrome in primary care

  • Manual Of Eyes Ears Nose And Throat Emergencies

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    Charlotte Eye Ear Nose And Throat Associates Pa: Fort Mill Sc

    • Highest rating: 4
    • Lowest rating: 3
    • Descriptions: Learn about Charlotte Eye Ear Nose And Throat Associates Pa. See providers, locations, and more. Book your appointment today!
    • More : Learn about Charlotte Eye Ear Nose And Throat Associates Pa. See providers, locations, and more. Book your appointment today!

    Operations Supervisor Ophthalmic Clinical Services

    Nose, ear, eye, throat or mouth

    Overview:The Supervisor, Ophthalmic Clinical services manages ancillary ophthalmic clinical operations, staffing, and equipment to ensure effective, efficient delivery of high-quality patient care and an excellent patient experience. The ideal candidate for this position will have several years of clinical Ophthalmology and leadership experience, as this position directly supervises a team of 30+ Visual Imaging Technicians.

    Skills and abilities: Must be able to manage and foster a team environment Must have willingness to accept and lead change, new processes and methods for continuous improvement to ensure quality and efficient operations Proficient in Microsoft Office applications Proficient in Electronic Medical Record systems Ability to communicate effectively & professionally

    Clinical competencies: Working knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in administering routine and special treatments to patients in the applicable clinical areas Clinical competencies must meet or exceed the requirements of ophthalmic clinical staff

    Accountability:Our mission is to be the premier eye, ear, nose, and throat group providing comprehensive, quality, and ethical healthcare to all in the Carolinas to provide a favorable environment for the delivery of healthcare and to provide for the wellbeing of the physicians and the employees of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

    Travel to other CEENTA locations required depending on business needs.

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    Guiding You Through Each Step

    The thought of surgery can be unsettling, but we work to make sure you are comfortable and understand exactly what your surgery will entail. Our surgery center offers a smaller, more comfortable environment than a hospital and serves both pediatric and adult patients. Oftentimes, patients have more questions about their recommended procedure after leaving the office. Thats why our health coordinator follows up with our patients to discuss the procedure and make sure you understand exactly what will happen. The coordinator will answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

    Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates Pa In Fort Mill Sc

    • Highest rating: 4
    • Lowest rating: 1
    • Descriptions: Physicians at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. · Pedro Cervantes, MD Ophthalmology · Christopher Jones, MD Allergy & Immunology, Otolaryngology
    • More : Physicians at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. · Pedro Cervantes, MD Ophthalmology · Christopher Jones, MD Allergy & Immunology, Otolaryngology

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    Introduction To Biology Of The Ears Nose And Throat

    , MS, MD, Duke University Medical Center

    The ears, nose, and throat are located near each other and have separate but related functions.

    The throat Throat The throat is located behind the mouth, below the nasal cavity, and above the hollow tube that leads from the throat to the stomach and windpipe . It consists… read more mainly functions as a pathway through which food and fluids travel to the esophagus and air passes to the lungs.

    Primary care doctors often diagnose and treat disorders involving these organs, but otolaryngologists specialize in them.

    Indications: Head Neck Shoulders Upper Back

    Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat Examination

    Any pain or disease of the neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat, head, shoulders, upper back, chest, breast, arms, hands or elbows can reflect stagnation in the upper back, neck and shoulders . This includes any problems of the upper extremities. Lung problems are especially responsive to Gua sha at the upper back, including cough caused by bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and pneumonia and also psychological or emotional problems including depression, anxiety, panic disorders, ADD, ADHD, nightmares, insomnia and so on .

    Steven W. Salyer PAC, … Roger Matthew Bautista, in, 2007

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    Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates Pa Healthgrades

    • Highest rating: 3
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    • Descriptions: Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. is a medical group practice located in Fort Mill, SC that specializes in Ear, Nose, and Throat.
    • More : Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. is a medical group practice located in Fort Mill, SC that specializes in Ear, Nose, and Throat.

    What Is Sinusitis

    Sinusitis, also known as sinus infection, is an inflammation of the sinus tissue. When your sinuses become blocked with fluid, bacteria, viruses and fungi can grow and lead to an infection.

    The sinuses main function is to produce a mucus that moisturizes the inside of the nose. This mucus layer protects the nose from pollutants, micro-organisms, dust and dirt. Click the image to expand view.

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