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Glacier Ear Nose And Throat

Npi Profile For Glacier Hearing Services

Qigong Self-Massage: Head and Face

Glacier Hearing Services is a provider established in Kalispell, Montana specializing in otolaryngology. The NPI number of Glacier Hearing Services is 1235165838 and was assigned on June 2006. The practitioner’s primary taxonomy code is 207Y00000X. The provider is registered as an organization and their NPI record was last updated 2 years ago. Glacier Hearing Services operates as a single speciality business group with one or more individual providers who practice the same area of specialization. The provider’s other name is Glacier Hearing Services. The authorized official of this NPI record is Dr. Kent R. Keele Md

Provider Location Address 160 HERITAGE WAY KALISPELL, MT 59901
Provider Mailing Address 160 HERITAGE WAY KALISPELL, MT 59901
NPI Entity Type

How Do Cochlear Implants Work

A cochlear implant works differently than a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sounds so that a person with nerve damage can hear more clearly. Cochlear implants generate an electrical signal that the brain interprets as sound. The implant has an external portion that sits behind the ear, consisting of a microphone, a speech processor and a transmitter. These work in tandem with the internal components, a receiver and array of electrodes, which have been implanted in the ear.

The microphone picks up sound and sends it to the speech processor, which converts these signals to digital impulses and sends them to the transmitter. The transmitter, in turn, sends the processed audio signals to the receiver. From there, they are transmitted directly to the brain through the auditory nerve. While a cochlear implant does not cure deafness or restore hearing loss, it does allow a patient to perceive sound, and can help him or her to converse again.

If you are experiencing severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss and cant benefit from conventional hearing aids, you are a prime candidate for cochlear implants.

Other Providers At The Same Location

The following 20 providers are registered at the same or nearby location.

DR. STEVE W WEBER M.D. Individual
DR. AARON M ALME M.D. Individual

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Providing Quality Ent & Hearing Carefor The Flathead Valley

For nearly 60 years, the doctors at Glacier Ear, Nose & Throat have helped patients in the Flathead Valley feel better, hear better and live healthier lives through comprehensive care. Our audiologists hold either a Masters or Doctors of Audiology degree. Their education along with their over 40 years of combined experience provides our patients with the highest level of care possible. We believe in offering treatment and solutions that meet the individual needs of everyone who walks into our clinic.

Glacier Hearing Services is a full-service audiology clinic that has helped patients in the beautiful Flathead Valley for the past 30 years. We strive to offer you the most professional and comprehensive hearing healthcare in the valley.

Doctors & Health Care Providers

What You Need to Know About Clogged Ears

There are 7 members in Kalispell MT.

You can use use filter to narrow down the members list, showing only members that you want.

Doctor /Physician / Health care ProviderProvider Name Taxonomies does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information contained in this website is only for general information purposes. The information mainly comes from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published data, and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, user generated contents or related graphics or advertisings contained on the website for any purposes. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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When To Come & What To Bring

Glacier Ear, Nose & Throat respects patients time, and we work diligently to closely meet your appointment time. You can help us stay on time for all patients. Arriving at the time suggested and coming prepared helps us achieve this goal. Please use our online portal to complete the majority of your paperwork. When you schedule an appointment you will be given access to the portal.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you havent been seen in our practice in the last 3 years, you will need to update paperwork, and we ask you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. If you are an established patient, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

Cochlear Implants & Mapping

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device that bypasses damaged hair cells in the ear and provides electrical stimulation directly to the auditory nerve, giving patients who are severely hearing impaired or profoundly deaf the ability to hear. It is most beneficial for those who cannot be helped with a traditional hearing aid.

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Glacier Ear Nose And Throat Head And Neck Surgery Pc

Detailed information about Glacier Ear Nose And Throat Head And Neck Surgery Pc in Kalispell Montana.

Glacier Ear Nose And Throat Head And Neck Surgery Pc is a Medical Group that has 2 practice medical offices located in Kalispell MT. There are 7 health care providers, specializing in Otolaryngology, Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, Allergy/Immunology, Allergy/Immunology, Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, Qualified Audiologist, being reported as members of the medical group. Medical taxonomies which are covered by Glacier Ear Nose And Throat Head And Neck Surgery Pc include Audiologist, Otolaryngology, Facial Plastic Surgery, Audiologist-Hearing Aid Fitter, Electroneurodiagnostic, Otology & Neurotology, Hearing Aid Equipment, Hearing Instrument Specialist.

About Glacier Ear Nose & Throat And Glacier Hearing Service


Illnesses of the ears, nose, or throat can quickly hamper your daily quality of life, causing an array of issues from difficulty breathing to problems hearing. When residents of the Flathead Valley area need medical experts who specialize in these areas, they look to Glacier Ear Nose & Throat and Glacier Hearing Service. Located in Kalispell, MT, this ENT and hearing clinic has been helping patients for more than 30 years.

The physicians of Glacier Ear Nose & Throat and Glacier Hearing Service serve patients of all ages with medical and surgical treatments for ear, nose, and throat disorders. Whether your child is in need of a pediatric hearing evaluation or you are struggling with allergies, youâll receive personalized care at affordable prices.

From the sound of a loved oneâs laugh to the chords of your favorite song, your sense of hearing allows you to experience many wonderful things. Aging or illness can lead to hearing loss however, our staff at Glacier Ear Nose & Throat and Glacier Hearing Service can help. Our doctors of audiology consult with on-site physicians to offer a full range of hearing-related services.

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What Is Cochlear Mapping

Patients often need the help of a cochlear implant specialist and audiologist throughout the adjustment and programming process. This process is called cochlear implant mapping .

At Glacier Ear, Nose & Throat, we offer premier cochlear implant mapping services to our patients. We strongly believe in pairing expert programming with outstanding patient counseling to help you or your loved one get the most out of cochlear implants. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for a cochlear implant mapping appointment:

If you have cochlear implants, continuous adjustments are the best way to ensure youre hearing and understanding your best.

Call Glacier Ear, Nose and Throat at or Glacier Hearing Services for more information or to schedule an appointment

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How Will Your Ear Nose & Throat Doctor Test For Cancer

Your ear, nose, and throat doctor will perform a physical exam and gather your medical history, especially any family history of thyroid problems. They will check for lumps and determine if your thyroid gland and lymph nodes feel enlarged. Your doctor may also order blood tests or an ultrasound if theyâre necessary. If a lump is detected, a biopsy will be performed, during which a small needle will be inserted into the area to extract tissue that will be examined for the presence of cancerous cells. Another option is a radioiodine scan, which uses a small amount of radioactive material and a special camera to help the doctor look for signs of cancer.

What Happens If Youre Diagnosed With Cancer

How Doctors Treat Chronic Sinus Problems

Treatment is highly individualized and will depend on your overall health, the type of cancer, and its stage. Options may range from surgery and hormone therapy to chemotherapy and radiation. If the cancer is detected early, the prognosis is excellent, with the American Cancer Society reporting a near 100% chance of survival in people who begin treatment with stage I and II cancers.

If youâre experiencing any symptoms of a thyroid problem, be proactive and decrease your risk of cancer by making an appointment with the expert physicians at Glacier Ear, Nose and Throat in Kalispell, MT. Their ear, nose, and throat doctors treat a range of disorders, from cancer detection and allergies to hearing loss, and are devoted to providing high-quality health care for patients of all ages. To schedule an appointment, call their friendly staff at 752-8330 or visit their website to learn more about their practice.

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How One Woman Found Relief From Allergies

Darlene Schottle doesnt have to shy away from being active in the outdoors any more.

Thirty years ago was a different story, though.

Back then, Schottle discovered she had a severe food allergy to celery, and she began immunotherapy a method of exposing her body gradually to allergens. Testing 30 years ago involved getting scratches on her back and being exposed to numerous allergens. It was awful horrifying to go through that testing,” she said.

For years she battled headaches, difficulty breathing and swelling in her eyes and hands due to her many environmental allergies.

Over the years, Schottle learned to manage her allergy symptoms by avoiding the allergens that caused her health problems. When she moved to the Flathead Valley in 2004, she started getting symptoms again some of them severe.

Schottle was on a regimen of antihistamines to control the allergy symptoms, but her primary-care physician advised her that long term antihistamine use was not good for her body so she went to Glacier Ear, Nose and Throat in Kalispell for allergy testing and subsequently began immunotherapy. She found the entire process significantly more comfortable than her initial experience.

Today, immunotherapy is much kinder and gentler than the regimen Schottle received 30 years ago. Its light years ahead of what it was, she said.

It has had a really positive impact on my life. My body knows how to take care of itself now.

Darlene Schottle

Npi Validation Check Digit Calculation

The following table explains the step by step NPI number validation process using the ISO standard Luhn algorithm.

Start with the original NPI number, the last digit is the check digit and is not used in the calculation.
Step 1: Double the value of the alternate digits, beginning with the rightmost digit.
2 8 6
Step 2: Add all the doubled and unaffected individual digits from step 1 plus the constant number 24.
2 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 8 + 6 + 24 = 62
Step 3: Subtract the total obtained in step 2 from the next higher number ending in zero, the result is the check digit.
70 – 62 = 8 8

The NPI number 1235165838 is valid because the calculated check digit 8 using the Luhn validation algorithm matches the last digit of the original NPI number.

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What Is Allergy

The basic understanding of chronic inflammatory conditions is changing, Healy said.

Chronic sinusitis was once regarded as a chronic bacterial infection, and would be treated with antibiotics. “In most cases it is not,” Healy said. “Our understanding now is that it’s a chronic inflammatory condition, more like asthma.”

These symptoms are now often treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, rather than antibiotics.

While Healy takes a scientific approach to immunotherapy, the process is based in human healing.

“It’s wonderful to clarify what people are suffering from,” Healy said. “Helping people understand is immensely important, and I enjoy that aspect of my work. Changing their quality of life is meaningful to me as a physician.

Why It’s Done

WHICH FLAPPER DO I NEED Kohler, American Standard, Aquasource????

Frequent, recurrent tonsillitis â an inflammation of tonsil tissue â is one of the main reasons doctors order tonsillectomies. Chronically enlarged tonsils that inhibit a person’s breathing and eating also sometimes require a tonsillectomy. On rare occasions, bleeding or disease will affect the tonsils and necessitate their removal, as well as, recurrent tonsil stones that can cause bad breath.

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