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How Much Are Nose Piercings

Nostril Piercing Jewelry Styles

This Cartilage Piercing Has Almost Zero Aftercare | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

You have many options when it comes to classic nostril piercings, such as twist jewelry and L-shaped jewelry. There are also straight posts, no bones, straight posts, and hoops. However, hoops are not recommended for high nostril piercings.

Your starter jewelry should be large enough to support swelling, but light enough not to pull at your new piercing. To allow for faster healing, the standard size for a nose piercing is either 18G or 20G. However, your piercer may use a larger needle .


This nose ring is secure and flush against the nostril. This is the most popular type of nose ring. There are many styles to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

The twist nose stud looks similar to the L-shape. It is held in place by a u-shaped piece that you twist into your piercing. This style is popular because its simple to change the jewelry. However, it can twist in the piercing more so its not as easy as the L-shape.

Nose Bones

A well-healed nostril puncturing allows for a nose bone to pop in and out when you want to change styles. However, this can be difficult with a sensitive, healing nose piercing.

The nose bones are made up of a post with an ornament on one side and a small, slightly larger ball on the other. The small ball holds the bone in place when worn. They are flush-fitting, similar to a twist nose stud.

Nose bones make great nose jewelry and are easy to insert and wear. However, due to their small size, they can be easily lost.



Piercing On The Nose Aftercare Measures Here

  • Do not play with the pierced area since dirty hands will cause infection
  • Avoid putting makeup and beauty products like powder, toner, and others.
  • Ensure the puncture area on the nose is healed completely before changing your jewelry.
  • Avoid over-cleaning your piercing.
  • Do not use Betadine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and ointments to the area since they can either damage tissues resulting in scars, slow down the healing process and cause irritation and infection.
  • Saline water may contain four teaspoons of salt and a gallon of distilled water.
  • Saline water can be stored in the fridge. It can be kept in three to four weeks.
  • Do not remove crust formations and rotate jewelry.
  • Nose piercing aftercare swimming must be avoided even if it is summer.

Neilmed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare

There are two ways of applying the saline solution to your nose piercing. The first option is to dip your nose into a bowl with a saline solution. The second method is to soak a cotton ball in the saline solution. Then, hold the cotton ball on your nose piercing for at least 3 minutes. Or you can use a Piercing Aftercare Spray such as this one.

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How Do I Know If Its A Good Studio

A good piercing facility should have the appropriate licenses and permits displayed. If licensing is required in your area, your piercer should also have a license.

Regarding the environment of the studio, Saunders recommends checking that they have an autoclave sterilizer and can provide the spore test results that are used to determine the efficacy of the sterilization cycle.

The autoclave should be spore-tested at least monthly, and the jewelry, needle, and tools used in the piercing process should be sterilized fresh for use, or be sterilized ahead of time and kept in sealed pouches that are used at the point of service, he adds.

Quick Guidehow To Completely Rock Your Nostril Piercing

Nose Piercings  Ultimate Guide With Images

We all agree that something is just so fierce about girls who get a nose piercing, which adds up to their entire attitude and look. Nose piercing can be listed as oneof the oldest and trendiest fashions of all time.

It won’t be wrong if we say that a nose is the most prominent feature of your face, and just adding a little sparkly stud or ring can enhance your overall look. We see how more and more people are driven towards the trend every day, which, however, is not restricted to gender. With no surprise, a nose piercing can accentuate your face positively, and nostril piercing can be one of the most attractive facial piercings.

If you are here, reading this blog right now, you have probably considered getting one. Before you make a final decision, we want you to read this blog well, to know all the important things that will be of great help.

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Do Some Nose Piercings Hurt More Than Others

In general, says Saunders, there are three types of nose piercings:

  • traditional nostril piercing
  • center placement septum piercings
  • high nostril piercings

The traditional nostril and septum piercings tend to be very easy piercings to receive and heal, he explains.

High nostril piercings, on the other hand, can be a bit more uncomfortable and tend to swell for a week to a month. Thats why theyre typically only recommended for people who have experience with receiving and caring for body piercings.

Belly Button Piercing Pain Level

Belly button piercings are considered the second least painful piercings after ear piercings.

Thats because the thick tissue left behind from when your umbilical cord was removed is flesh and not very nerve dense.

You may feel a lot of pressure when the needle goes through because the tissue is hard to poke through, but the pain goes away quickly. They take several months to 1 year to heal.

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Why The Cheapest Prices Arent Always The Best Option

When youre on a strict budget, every buck can count and you look for ways to trim the fat wherever you can. However, when it comes to getting your nose pierced, saving a few dollars has its consequences.

Paying a little more for your nose piercing can mean youre paying for quality, and you definitely want someone who knows what theyre doing. Theyll have a better eye for piercing placement. Even moving your piercing just a few millimeters in any direction can change its look and the overall outcome.

If youre not happy with the placement of your piercing, you may have to have it redone and that will cost you more than paying for quality work right from the start.

Most people intend for a new piercing to be a permanent addition to their bodies, hence the reason why people pay for experienced piercers in the first place. This isnt like a henna tattoo that will gradually fade its a bigger deal than that.

Another compelling reason to spend a little more money is to make sure youre getting top-of-the-line hygiene from your piercer. A less experienced individual might not understand how to properly sanitize their equipment.

A piercer who charges a fraction of what another piercer does may not be paying for single-use equipment.

For all you know, he could be using the same needle he did for his last client. That could lead to potentially dangerous nose piercing infections at the very least, its gross!

What Are The Extra Costs


After the piercing, you will have to take care of the piercing properly. Many artists will recommend a special soap to keep the area cleaned. These aftercare products, on average, can add another $20 to $50 to your bill.

If you want to upgrade your jewelry, the costs will depend on the type of jewelry you choose. A diamond stud, for example, will cost a lot more than a simple piece made from sterling silver. Common types of nose rings, if you were to upgrade, can include a ring, bone, pin, stud, screw, u-bend or spike.

As long as satisfied, most recommend tipping at least 15 percent after the procedure has been done.

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Nose Piercings Explained: Cost Pain Level And Placement Options

Here’s everything you need to know before having your nose pierced.

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In This Article

Whether you chose a subtle nostril sparkle or a statement , a nose piercing can totally update your look. One of the most fun aspects of a nose piercing is how much creativity you have when it comes to placement. A nose piercing is also one of the easiest to handle when it comes to pain and healing time, too.

Ahead, Brendan Camp, MD, a double board-certified dermatologist, and certified piercer, offer tips on getting a nose piercing should you decide to take the plunge. Do note that because some studios might not be offering piercings at the moment, it’s not advisable to take matters into your own hands. Camp says, “YouTube videos are helpful for learning how to install a new faucet or clean out a clogged drain, not for performing a self-piercing.”

Nose Piercing

PLACEMENT: The cartilaginous structure that covers the nostril is the most common area for a nose piercing. Other nose piercings are through the columella, a cartilaginous structure that separates the right and left sides of the nose. This piercing is known as a septum piercing. Piercings are also done on the Third Eye and bridge of the nose.

PRICING: Between $25 and $30 per piercing, though the jewelry is a separate cost.


The Nose Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

  • Nose Piercing Variations
  • Besides ear piercings, nose piercings are perhaps the most popular piercing. The nose piercing is one of the few piercings that are more widely accepted in even professional settings, making them a common choice for those in all walks of life. Whether you opt for a sleek hoop or dainty nose stud or choose bolder styles, like diamond nose rings, the nose piercing can be dressed up for any occasion.

    Since the nose piercing is so popular, its easy to assume that its an easy piercing to handle. However, like all piercings, the nose piercing comes with unique challenges to keep in mind before you get the piercing.

    Heres everything you need to know about the nose piercing.

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    How Much Will Nose Piercing Cost

    • A common, normal nostril piercing will cost you anywhere from $40 to $90. You should ask whats included before paying because some piercers will charge you an additional $20 to $60 for a nose ring or stud, while others will have the piece of jewelry included in the initial price.

    As an example, a piercing studio in Portland might charge $50 for the piercing, a nose stud, and any additional jewelry, while a studio in Massachusetts will charge $40 nose piercing fees, without the jewelry, which will cost an additional $20-$55.

    • A piercing placed through the skin situated at the bridge of the nose is called a bridge piercing and is pretty rare. Depending on whether the jewelry is included in the final price, a bridge piercing can cost anywhere from $50 to $90. For example, a studio based in Minneapolis would charge $50 for the bridge piercing, but youll have to buy the jewelry yourself.
    • Youll pay a little more for a septum piercing than for the more common nose piercings, anywhere between $50-$100, depending on whether or not youll pay for the jewelry yourself. Philadelphia studios, for example, charge around $40 for the septum piercing, but youll have to buy the jewelry yourself.

    When Can I Change My Nose Piercing

    Left Nostril And Septum Piercing

    When you can change out your nose piercing depends on which aftercare solution you use. If you choose Standard Aftercare Solution you can change out your nose jewelry 8 weeks from the time of piercing. If you use Rapid After Care Solution you can change out your nose stud in 6 weeks.Think youre ready to change things up? Stop on in and check out our cute nose piercing jewelry!

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    Where Should I Get My Piercing Done

    Its very important that you are aware of all of the options available to you when you are trying to select a parlor.

    Nose piercing parlors can often vary in regards to what they offer.

    The right parlor is going to have a relaxing yet professional atmosphere. You are most likely to find these professional parlors in particularly busy urban locations.

    There are also some privately owned piercing shops that occasionally set up piercing stands, and you can get your nose piercing done at these too.

    If you go to the mall or near a retail store in a busy location, you may sometimes see these stands.

    You can find piercing services in a wide range of different jewelry stores. If you want a high quality service though then its always better to go to a professional establishment.

    In these places you can get great deals both on the service and on the cost of the jewelry.

    You can also be sure that you will be well taken care of because these places will follow sterilization procedures to the letter.

    You can feel more confident that you will avoid issues such as skin infections, which can sometimes happen with nose piercings if everything isnt sterilized correctly.

    In some cases, going to a cheap parlor may end up resulting in skin infections if things havent been done properly.

    With a professional parlor you are far more likely to have the peace of mind that everything is okay because the service is certainly being done by highly qualified and trained professionals.

    Can My Nose Piercing Get Infected

    Unfortunately, nose piercings are prone to infection. We touch our noses often, so it’s easy for bacteria to spread around this part of our face, and we breathe in through our noses too, so can inhale bacteria from the air around us.

    Nose piercings are most prone to infection in the early days after being pierced, but infections can occur at any time, and that’s why constant and thorough aftercare is essential. Its always important to clean the area and try to avoid touching your nose throughout the day.

    If your nose piercing does get infected, youll usually notice some kind of visual symptom relatively quickly. You might see a bump or raised area of skin around the piercing, or you might see some reddening of the skin as well. When this happens, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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    How Long Does It Take To Heal

    Bridge piercings typically heal faster than other nose piercings because they only pass through a bit of skin. The healing process usually takes around 2 to 3 months.

    Keep in mind that tissue heals from the outside in, so your piercing might ~look~ healed a lot sooner but that doesnt mean it is.

    Proper aftercare can help you heal faster and reduce your risk for infection and other complications.

    Heres what to DO while your bridge piercing is healing:

    • Wash your hands before handling your piercing.
    • Use saline solution as needed, either by spraying it on or applying with clean gauze saturated with saline solution.
    • If your piercer says its OK, wash the skin gently with a mild soap.
    • Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap.
    • Gently pat the area dry with a clean paper towel.
    • Sleep on a clean pillowcase.

    Heres what NOT to do during healing:

    • Dont touch your piercing unless youre cleaning it.
    • Avoid playing with your jewelry rotating isnt necessary.
    • Dont submerge your piercings in swimming pools, hot tubs, or open water like lakes and oceans.
    • Dont use harsh products that contain alcohol, Bactine, perfumes, dyes, or chemicals.
    • Be careful when getting dressed, brushing your hair, or putting on your glasses to avoid snagging or friction.
    • Dont remove or change your jewelry until youre fully healed.

    Types Of Nose Piercings

    I Got A Custom Constellation Piercing From Brian Keith Thompson | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

    Nose piercing types depend on the part of the nose being pierced. Some of the most common types of nose piercings are:

    • Nasallang piercing

    Before you settle on the type of nose piercing you want, its a good idea to do some research. Different types of piercings have different styles of jewelry that will fit the piercing best.

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    What Type Of Jewelry Should You Get For Your Nose Piercings

    Your aesthetic preferences and the healing process of your nose piercing will determine what type of jewelry you choose. You can speed up the healing process by adding high-quality jewelry made without harsh chemicals.

    You should be aware that a nose piercing can be painful and lengthy. Your piercer will clamp your nose and push the needle through your skin and cartilage to complete the procedure.

    It is possible to experience some discomfort or swelling after the piercing. This usually resolves within a week or so of healing. Some studios offer sedation and others are sterile. Follow the instructions and remember to take care of your skin afterward!

    Nose Piercing Studs Including Nose Bone Studs L

    Rosery Poetry 14K gold nose stud tiny and cute with a crystal $32.9, SHOP NOW.

    These are commonly used for nostril piercings. Much like stud earrings, they have a straight bar. There is usually a small gem at the top. There are also curved versions that add a bit more security.


    • They dont cause much discomfort when resting your head
    • They arent extremely noticeable


    • They can come out more easily than rings
    • If not cleaned regularly, they can get infected

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    How Bad Does A Nose Piercing Hurt

    The nose piercing tends to be more sensitive than other areas of the face, and punching a needle through cartilage can sometimes cause more pain than puncturing softer skin, like the earlobe. However, most people who have their nose pierced reported less pain than they expected. Getting your nose pierced is only slightly more painful than getting your cartilage pierced.

    Any pinch you might feel will be quick. Many claim that the most unnerving part of the process is not the pain, but the fact that the needle will be directly in your face as the nose is punctured. Its recommended to close your eyes during the process, especially if you have a fear of needles.

    After you get your nose pierced, you might discover that you can see your jewelry in the corner of your eye, or your brain might register the jewelry as a nagging itch. Eventually, your brain will get used to the piercing, but until then, try not to absentmindedly pick at or scratch your new jewelry its easy to rip nose studs out of the piercing, which can be incredibly painful, especially if your piercing is fresh.

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