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How Much Does An Ear Piercing Cost

Frequently Asked Piercing Questions

Questions: My Industrial Piercing

Our ear-piercing process is simple and easy. Claires Piercing Specialists will first have a consultation with you. They will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. Then, our piercing specialists will help you select your earrings, position your piercing, sanitize the equipment, and then use our single-use sterile cartridges that require no needles. Finally, your piercing specialist will coach you on aftercare and sanitize all piercing equipment again after the piercing is completed.

What Is Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is like the art of making holes in-ear by using needles or piercing guns. Ear piercing is a tradition in the past,

But now it changes its shape from tradition to fashion. Moreover, there are many types of great ear piercings, like Cartilage piercing,

Dual lobe piercing, Diamond piercing, etc., you name it, and you have it.

Due to different or complex types of piercing, now it requires piercing specialists. And not only that piercing is a good business now,

But many people also have their piercing shops in ear piercing stations.

Every piercing professional have their own cost of ear piercings depending upon the type of piercings and their safe piercing environments or hygiene standards.

What Aftercare Is Needed For Ear Piercing

Ear piercing requires great care to avoid any infected piercing or allergic reactions.

So you must follow the daily care routine properly during your healing times because initial piercings are more prone to severe infection.

So make sure to follow all the necessary precautions while the piercing heals completely.

Here are some of the aftercare instructions, or you can say proper aftercare routine that you can follow for effective piercing or ultimate comfort:-

Make sure your hands clean and dry while touching your piercing.

Clean ears regularly.

Use saltwater 2 to 3 times per day for cleaning during the healing process. If you get water inside of your ear you should know how to get water out of your ear.

Use cotton balls or cotton swabs to clean your pierced ears.

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Rapid After Care Lotion

So what is Rapid After Care Lotion? Yes, its a bit of a mouthful, but it packs a powerful magic potion that takes care of your earlobes in the best way! This product is an exclusive item for Claires because we care a lot about how you take care of your new ear piercing once you leave our store. Daily care is essential, and Rapid After Care is the best!

How Are Yelps Cost Estimates Calculated

How Much Does Ear Piercing Cost At Claire

Every year, millions of consumers request quotes on Yelp from top-rated local professionals. We combine these real-life project quotes with data from the millions of people who interact with businesses on Yelp today. We use our years of expertise to create handy local cost guides that you can trust. Get accurate estimates on projects in your area, from roofing to moving.

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Do Industrial Piercings Hurt

The answer is, Yes! It does. As this is a double piercing, the pain is likely to be more than a single punch. People who undergo this piercing reports that the pain experienced while making the first hole is more in comparison to that of the second one.

The pain in the cartilage area is more than in the earlobe as the needle enters tougher and a thicker tissue. So this undoubtedly will hurt more. The initial twinge will last for a minute or two and can ache while sleeping.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Tragus Pierced

The cost of getting your tragus will cost you between $50 $70. Below is a chart summarizing the approximate costs for getting your ears, cartilage or tragus pierced.

Keep in mind that the prices listed are an estimate and dont take into account discounts. For example, Walmart and Claires offers free ear piercings with the purchase of their starter kit. Its also common for there to be lower rates for double ear piercings.

Additionally, the price is subject to vary depending on the type of earring you purchase or if you bring your own earring.

Type of Piercing
Earlobe: single piercing on one ear $40 $60
Earlobe: single piercing on both ears $80 $120
Earlobe: second piercing on one ear $10 $60
Earlobe: second piercing on both ears $20 $120
Cartilage: single piercing on one ear $40 $70
Cartilage: single piercing on both ears $80 $140
Cartilage: second piercing on one ear $30 $50
Cartilage: second piercing on both ears $60 $100

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Walmart Ear Piercing In 2022

Walmart said in 2022 that ear piercing will be available in over 5,000 stores across the country. Over 10,000 ear-piercing professionals can be found at Walmart. They use the Inverness enclosed sterile ear piercing method to pierce ears safely and hygienically.

Perhaps you can consider it. Ear piercing is free at Walmart when I buy a chosen variety of earrings or studs in the store. Yes, we will discuss everything about it, including where it will be located, when it will open, and how secure it will be.

Buy Surgical Steel Post Earrings

Katie Price Defends Getting Her Baby Daughter’s Ears Pierced | Loose Women
  • nowadays fashion jewelry come with the posts made of surgical steel or plastic. These cheaper options also work well with the most of the people with sensitive ears.
  • However, the disadvantage of the surgical steel is, its posts are thicker than the gold posts. It may increase the size of your ear piercing. And the plastic? They will get break very easily.
  • If you want to use surgical steel, choose the one with the thin post. If you want to use plastic and cut the ear piercing cost, handle it really safe.

The initial earring offered by your piercer will be slightly bigger and lengthier. They choose such earrings to ease the healing process of your new piercing.

Remember, when you prefer the professional tattoo parlors, they will test the sensitivity of your ears and suggest the earrings to your budget. They will also provide the antibiotic solution and aftercare instructions. Follow them carefully and keep your ears protected from all infections.

Take the average cost of ear piercing given at the table as a baseline. A knock at the best professional piercing studios in your area, check with their portfolio so you can get the best deal. Do tell us how much is it cost to get your ears pierced in your local area. If its the best deal, it will help our readers to enjoy the same too.


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Things To Know About Piercings:

We asked piercing industry experts for the ins and outs so you have answers to popular questions like, should I take my earring out if I get an infection? How do I speed up the healing process? And, can you ever have too many piercings?

Whats better, a piercing gun or needle?

Needles are sterile, single-use and hurt a lot less, whereas a gun is essentially a blunt object punching through your ear at high impact itll always feel sorer, says Penny Burrows at Maria Tash, whos pierced Kate Moss and Idris Elba.

Is there anything that can help make the piercing process less painful?

If youre on your period, you may be more sensitive to pain, says Penny. But, adds Clem Kirchmeier, general manager at Metal Morphosis, Painkillers shouldnt be used beforehand as most are blood-thinning. Rhianna Jones, piercer at The Circle, suggests eating one to two hours before. You could also channel your inner zen, as The Circles piercers use yoga breathing during the procedure. Ommm.

Why do I get metal allergies?

Allergies to certain metals often lie within the nickel content. We dont know how or why certain people are more sensitive than others, says Penny. At Maria Tash, we only pierce with completely nickel-free gold. Some other studios pierce with titanium, which also has a low nickel content. Never get pierced with silver because it oxidises and increases therisk of infection and allergic reactions.

What should I do if my piercing gets infected?

What are keloid scars?

How Much Do Piercings Cost At Claires

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced? Ear Piercing is FREE with the purchase of a starter kit. Starter kits are priced from $30 and include the piercing earrings and standard After Care Solution. Ear cartilage piercing is subject to an additional charge.

Follow these steps to take care of a minor piercing infection:

  • Wash your hands before touching or cleaning your piercing.
  • Clean around the piercing with a saltwater rinse three times a day.
  • Dont use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibiotic ointments.
  • Dont remove the piercing.
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    What Is An Ear

    As we said earlier that in the past, there is only basic earlobe piercing or single piercing, which is the actual tradition,

    But now it molds its shape from common piercings to the coolest piercing trends. Now we have many types of ear piercings,

    And it is not restricted to the ear only we also have different types of Body Piercings, which means we have a body piercing studio too.

    But here, we talk about the different types of ear piercing only. Some of the ear-piercing names are mention below:-

    • Outer conch
    • Industrial – 45$ to 85$
    • Orbital – 45$ to 85$

    The average cost of lobe piercing with jewelry is 25$ to 50$, and that is for a single piercing, and for complex cartilage piercing,

    It might cost 45$ to 85% dollars. These prices are according to some reputable piercer.

    But it would be best to double-check the piercing prices with some other professional piercing studio.

    Moreover, piercing prices depend upon the variety of jewelry you choose for your piercing.

    If you select some expensive diamond or gold jewelry, their prices also fluctuate with the cost of jewelry.

    So you can say that a piece of jewelry or style of jewelry also affects the piercing price. It would be best to choose initial jewelry wisely.

    Where Can I Buy Earrings After Ive Worn My Starter Earrings For The Recommended Period

    Types Of Ear Piercings: How Much They Hurt &  Cost

    After wearing your starter earrings for six to eight weeks, youre free to purchase any earrings youd like. You can buy earrings from the same places that offer ear piercings, such as Walmart, Pagoda, and Claires. Alternatively, you can purchase earrings online, at craft markets, and in stores that dont offer ear piercings.

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    The Typical Expense Of An Industrial Piercing

    It is challenging to get a precise cost range for an industrial piercing. Some piercers consider it to be 2 different piercings, some just see it as one.

    Geographical area and experience can make the cost vary even more. At an extremely base average, you must be ready to spend somewhere between $40 and $70. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of going to a less known piercer in a smaller town, you should be able to get the piercing done for a little less, around $40 to $50.

    How Much Does An Ear Gauge Piercing Cost

    Gauging the earlobe can be an exciting experience for those who have never worn earrings before, but may not suit everyone. Prices vary depending on the part of your ears you would like to pierce and what size gauge you want most people choose between a 14 or 16-gauge piercing. It is recommended that if this is your first time gauging your ears, start with 14s rather than going straight to 16s as they are more likely to heal properly. The average cost per earlobe ranges between $20-$45.

    You might also like our articles about the cost of industrial piercings, nose piercings, or tongue piercings.

    Anyone looking to get their ears gauged as a DIY project should have a starter kit handy. Ear gauge kits start at $15 and are available for purchase online or in-person where earrings can be found. If you need your ears stretched before gauging, there is usually an extra fee involved that varies from $10-$20.

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    Does Ear Piercing Hurt

    You are having a professional pierce a needle through a sensitive part of your anatomy so, yes, there is going to be some discomfort when you get your ears pierced. It also depends on your particular tolerance for pain as well. If you have a high threshold for pain, for example, it might not be a big deal at all. However, if you have sensitive ears or sensitive skin, it could be a little more painful for you.

    On the upside, ear piercing is a relatively quick procedure which many people describe as a quick stinging or burning sensation that quickly subsides, although there will probably be some throbbing or aching afterward. Keep in mind that people generally experience more pain for ear cartilage piercings than for lobe piercings.

    Go With The Noble Metals Expensive Option

    Absolute 14K Gold CZ Heart Arrow Round Stud Earrings …
    • Noble metals like Gold and silver rarely cause sensitivity issues. If these metals come under your budget, choose the earring posts with gold or silver.
    • You can use platinum but the price is too much than the gold posts.
    • Using titanium in jewelry is relatively a new trend. It is much cheaper than the platinum but bit costly than the cheaper nickel posts.

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    Why Shouldnt I Get A Lobe Piercing

    Luckily, there arent many reasons why you cant get a lobe piercing. The lobe offers plenty of space, and its an easy piercing to do, so you should be able to get a lobe piercing no matter what.

    If you have difficulty maintaining responsible aftercare practices, then you should wait before you get any piercing.

    How Do You Sleep After Getting Your Ears Pierced

    Sleeping on your newly pierced ears can be tricky at first. They will be a little tender so, naturally, laying on them can cause further discomfort.

    More importantly, however, you will want to avoid infection. This means you should try and sleep on your back or on your opposite side of the new piercing to avoid introducing any germs or bacteria into the affected area. Otherwise, this can lead to painful infections.

    You will also want to avoid immersing your ears in any body of water, be it a bath, lake, or swimming pool for six to eight weeks after piercing. This is in addition to resisting the temptation to touch the jewelry other than for cleaning. The better you take care of your ear piercings, the quicker they will heal and you can experiment with different styles of jewelry.

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    About The Piercing Process

    Before your ICING specialist will pierce your ears, they will ask you to read and sign the ICING Registry Form. Please note that all forms and signatures must be completed at the store.

    Hygiene is super important to us, and our equipment is sanitized before and after every use. After our Piercing Pros clean and mark the spot with a surgical pen where your new piercing will live, the piercing is done in an instant! Our pre-sterilized piercing studs with ultra-fine, sharp posts are the only thing that touches your ear, never our instruments. After you’ve been pierced, a Piercing Pro will coach you on how to care for your new sparkle.

    How Much Do Nose Rings Cost

    Types Of Ear Piercings: How Much They Hurt &  Cost

    One of the most popular piercing sites out there, your standard nose piercings will typically cost between $30-60, jewelry excluded. Because of how important the piercing healing process is, its recommended that you start with implant-grade jewelry which, according to Cassi Lopez-March, owner and head piercer at So Gold Studios in New York, starts around $40. Should you choose to venture into precious metals like gold or studded gemstones, that price can easily explode into the thousands.

    If its a less common nose piercing youre wanting, your best bet is a classic piercing parlor that caters to all sorts of dermal requests. For those elaborate or involved piercings think rhinos or nasallang piercings anticipate paying between $50-100. While there are plenty of upscale piercing shops out there, most do-it-all shops dont have the same jewelry options as their more Instagram-friendly boutique counterparts. For the most part, jewelry options to choose from go beyond standard-issue studs, rings, and barbells.

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    Ear Piercing Cost: Does It Cost To Get Your Ear Pierced

    As the trend of ear piercing is growing so fast, many things are also changing over time.

    Like think of it, do we have these piercing associations in the past, or do we have these different types of piercings as we have now.

    That means ear piercing came a long way, and obviously, it is a trend now, and like any other trend, it has its value and cost.

    Long story short, now we have different ear piercing types, unlike the standard ear lobe piercing that we have back in the day,

    And these types of piercings require ear-piercing specialists availability.

    And they have their prices depending upon the piercing you want. These prices fluctuate with time, and there is no fixed price for ear piercing

    It depends on the type or the complication of the piercing. Because even an inexperienced piercer can easily do standard earlobe piercing

    Or single lobe piercing, but when it comes to ear cartilage piercings like tragus piercings, Helix Piercing, Industrial piercing,

    Daith piercings, etc. These types of piercing require piercing experience, which you can only see in ear piercing specialists today.


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