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How Much Does Claire’s Charge For Ear Piercing

How Much Does Claires Nose Piercing Cost

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced at Claires?

Ever since it came to the market in the USA, as well as around the world Claire has offered amazing services and jewelry for girls and women alike. Having such a large network of stores and salons is quite important when you want to hold a big reputation and provide top-notch service. Claires salons and stores are just one such places where you can get a quality piercing that will last.

Its no secret that many tweens and teen girls, as well as older women, go through different phases which are often affected by fashion styles, and trends. For example, when Miley Cyrus featured her inner lip tattoo, pretty much everyone wanted to get one.

That being said, when some teen or young adult celebrity makes a change in their body, its likely they will start a trend that your child will want to follow. With its large selection of hair accessories, earrings, and studs for different types of piercing, Claire truly stands out in the market.

But, jewelry and accessories are not the only things that Claire sells. At one of many salons in the USA but also around the world, its possible to get your ears or nose pierced. This makes things a lot easier for mums who often struggle to find a piercing salon that is reliable and trustworthy for their children.

Continue reading to get more detailed information, so that you can get your nose pierced in no time.

How Is Piercing Done At Claires

As far as customization is concerned, you can choose from a variety of piercing styles, kits, and metals.

The piercing process at Claires doesnt include needles to provide safe and hygienic piercing to clients.

Other equipment used during piercing is properly sanitized before and after each piercing session.

Some of the other benefits of getting your piercing at Claires are:

  • Contactless piercing without the use of needles
  • Fully disposable, sanitized piercing equipment and sterilized cartridges to ensure a healthy piercing
  • Hand-pressured, accurate, and safe techniques used by highly skilled piercing specialists

Mum Horrified At The Price Of Claires Accessories Ear Piercing For Her Daughter

Her post has started a fierce debate between parents

  • 16:43, 21 APR 2022

A mum was left horrified when she saw the price of ear piercing for her daughter at high street store Claires Accessories. Many of us broke our piercing virginity there in the 90s and 00s, but some people have been left taken aback by how much some earrings now cost at the retailer.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group, Steph Bagley said: Went to Claires to ask about costings of ear piercing for my daughter. The earrings she picked would have been £65. Went to Superdrug, same earrings £32!

Her post has now sparked a fierce debate amongst parents, and people are divided. Natalie Scott commented: I went to my local piercer was 35£ with earrings and it was done with a needle she didnt even flinch.

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Kayley Anne said: Costs about £20 in a professional piercer. why on earth would you chose a drug store over a piercing shop especially when its 3 times the price. Danielle Westerman said: My daughter and son both had their ears done at claires never again.

Claires Accessories offers various types of piercings at prices to suit different budgets. The cheapest pair of studs on the Claires website is a stainless steel pair of studs, which cost £20 if you opt for the standard lotion, or £30 with the rapid lotion.

Manchester Evening News has contacted Claires for comment.

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Piercing Health And Safety

When visiting us for a piercing, your safety is number one.

Safety measures are especially crucial in the piercing world and to guarantee your experience is as safe as possible, hygiene is our top priority. From staff training and sterile equipment to complimentary ear cleaning solution for you to take home, weve got you covered.

Types Of Jewelry Used

Shrewsbury Shopping on Twitter: " Hello #jewellery addicts! Visit ...

The professionals should determine the types of jewelry used because skin sensitivity to various jewelry and choices differs. You can choose from noble, hyper-allergenic, and surgical steel earrings depending on factors as skin sensitivity, preference, and ones budget.

There are facts you need to get right when it comes to selecting earrings for sensitive skin. The listed below are some of them.

  • Jewelry made from noble metals like gold and silver cause little or no irritation
  • Titanium-made jewelry is trendy and slightly cheaper than platinum. They are also recommended for sensitive skin.
  • We can still get affordable accessories at affordable prices even with skin sensitivity to most jewelry. Check for hypoallergenic jewelry in the tattoo parlors for a variety of choices.
  • Earrings designed for sensitive skins are made such that they have no element of nickel in them.
  • Hypoallergenic earrings are not as costly as most people presume, as some go for low as $6. Always ask many questions before buying.
  • Buy the correct aftercare products for sensitivity as some products may worsen the condition.

People have preferences when buying different types of earrings. For instance, there are studs, hoops, drop and dangle, clip-on and magnetic earrings, ear cuffs, ear jacket, and ear crawler and other earing sets. All these have different prices and a range of designs.

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Heres Why You Should Think Twice About Getting A Piercing At Claires

In many young peoples lives, having pierced ears is like a right of passage. Whether its a young child who wants to wear fun, fashionable, and stylish earrings with all of their looks, a teenager looking to add an edge to their style, or parents who decide that they want to pierce an infant or young childs ears as part of a cultural or religious tradition , there are tons of places that offer piercing services, some even for free.

One place thats popular is the retail store Claires, where they offer free ear piercings daily with the purchase of a starter kit. While Claires seems like a safe and reasonable place to get ear piercings, its actually not the best option. Sure, free piercings from an longstanding retail establishment seemsenticing and trustworthy, the truth behind the ear piercing process at Claires will leave many looking for alternate choices.

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Claire’s Piercing Policy Is Problematic

Getting a piercing is a body modification, so you want to make sure that the piercer you are using has experience in the field. Many times, the people who pierce at Claire’s are staff workers who are trained just to use the piercing gun they have there, and have no formal training in hygiene or as Infinite Body Piercing notes, “bloodborne pathogens.”

Some piercers also disagree with the shop’s policies on ear piercing, as well. In 2019, a former Claire’s employee went viral after sharing on social media that she was “horrified” when a 7-year-old girl came in with her mother to get her ears pierced, but then changed her mind before the process began. Her mom, however, insisted that the Claire’s employee continue the process and pierce her daughter’s ears, even though her daughter was anxious, crying, and asking to stop .

According to the employee, her supervisor stated that if the mom had insisted on her daughter’s ears getting pierced, it was the employee’s job to do it. The employee promptly resigned.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Ear Piercings In The Uk

It mostly depends on if you want to get it done by an expert professional or just a standard salon. It also depends on what type of ear piercing you are looking for.

However, to give you a rough idea, if you get it done from a professional studio, then earlobe piercing can cost you around £10-£20, and if you want cartilage piercing, it can cost you little more than the earlobe piercing, it can cost approximately £25-£40.

Does Claires Still Do Ear Piercings

Ear Piercings! Cost? How Much Did They Hurt? // All About My Piercings!

Reservations for ear piercings Youll wonder why you didnt come in sooner because its so straightforward and uncomplicated! Allow us to look after you! Nowadays, self-scheduling is possible in a few Claires locations! Make an appointment for ear piercings online or visit Claires to talk with an expert right away.

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Does Claire’s Charge For Ear Piercing

Does Claire’s Charge For Ear Piercing. Ear piercing is free with the purchase of a starter kit. It will usually depend on the kit you want to go for.

Ear piercing is free with the purchase of a starter kit. It will usually depend on the kit you want to go for. How much does ear piercing cost at claires?


Claires has two ear cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for the care of your ear piercing. It will usually depend on the kit you want to go for.


How much does ear piercing cost at claires? Starter kits are priced from $30 and include the piercing earrings and.


Claires has two ear cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for the care of your ear piercing. The price chart provided in this article can enable one to make the right decision.


As stated on their website, ear piercings done by claires employees are free if you get the piercing kit from the store. Ear piercing is free at claire’s with a purchase of starter kit.


Ear piercing is free with the purchase of a starter kit. According to the official website, ear piercings are free if you purchase a starter kit from the store, which starts at about $19 and will.

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Pflege Bei Neuen Piercings

An frische Piercings sollte keine Seife, kein Parfüm und kein Haarprodukt kommen. Nach dem Shampoonieren spült ihr eure Ohren mit klarem Wasser ab. Danach tragt ihr die After Care Lotion so bleiben eure Ohren sauber und eure Ohrringe strahlend. Das Piercing sollte mit unserer After Care Lotion gesäubert werden und immer getrocknet werden, besonders nach dem Duschen, Schwimmen oder Sportmachen. Seid vorsichtig bei allen Dingen, die die Abheilung eures Piercings negativ beeinflussen können zum Beispiel wenn ihr eure Haare kämmt, Sport macht oder Kopfhörer tragt. Der Verschluss sollte nicht zu eng sein. Das Ende des Steckers sollte bedeckt sein und der Verschluss sich in der Sicherheitsrille befinden.

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Former Claires Employee Says Stores Child Ear

In the four decades Claire’s has been in business, the accessories chain has pierced more than 100 million ears around the world. Given the stores target demographic, its safe to say that a large percentage of these piercings have been on young girls. While ear piercings generally go off without a hitch save for nervous butterflies and an iron-gripped hand squeeze, a new viral Facebook post written by a former employee has sparked a heated discussion around children and consent.

As first reported by Refinery 29, 32-year-old Raylene Marks recently quit her job at an Edmonton, Alberta, location after taking issue with the companys piercing policy. In a post titled “An Open Letter to Claires Corporate,” which has received upwards of 6,500 likes and 500 comments, Marks details an uncomfortable situation in which she was asked to piece the ears of a seven-year-old girl who “made it clear she no longer wanted to get her ears pierced.”

I had a couple ‘gray area’ piercings where the children resisted heavily were pressured and intimidated by the parents into settling down,” she wrote. “I didn’t feel good about those, and I started to wonder at what point the piercer and the parent are actually violating a child’s personal boundaries. Last week was a breaking point.”

“That child’s message was loud and clear to me,” Marks continued. “Do not touch my body, do not pierce my ears, I do not want to be here.

She quit the same day.

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When Can I Change My Piercing

The 9 best Claire

A new piercing is exciting and we know you will want to try new styles soon. However, it is important to give your ears time to heal before changing your ear piercing.

Lobe Piercing: If you are using Standard After Care Lotion, it is usually necessary to wait 6 weeks before changing your earrings. With RapidAfter Care Cleanser you can usually change your earrings after 3 weeks.

Cartilage Piercing: For cartilage, you will need to leave your earring in for at least 12 weeks with our Standard After Care Lotion. With the use of Rapid After Care Cleanser, you can usually change your cartilage piercing after 8 weeks.

Nose Piercing : Your new nose stud can be changed in as little as 6 weeks with Rapid After Care Lotion or 8 weeks with Standard After Care Lotion.

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Does Jhope Have Ear Piercings

J-Hope is the only BTS member without any visible body piercings, and he doesnt appear to have any ambitions to obtain any. In 2018, he remarked on a webcast My ears are the best. They should continue to be in their unadulterated, natural state. He has occasionally been seen wearing earrings, but they have all been phoney.

Can I Change Claires Nose Piercing

Yes, Claires has a policy where you can get your piercing replaced after eight weeks of wearing the stud you got pierced with. You can upgrade it with a nose ring or a stud, depending on your preferences and which part of the nose you got pierced.

Theres also a special kit Rapid After-Care Cleanser at Claires which allows you to pick other piercings after only six weeks of healing. The cleanser costs $20 and will help soothe your piercing wound without causing infection after changing your piercing.

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Is Inverness Ear Piercing Safe

Inverness has more than thirty years of experience and the safest system available on the market today. Inverness Ear Piercing Instrument is a hand pressured Class 1 Medical Device providing a gentle piercing. … Inverness Safety ClutchTM earring backs allow for the safest healing of an ear piercing.

How Much Is Claires Piercing

  • How much does ear piercing cost at Claires? According to the official website, ear piercings are free if you purchase a starter kit from the store, which starts at about $19 and will increase from there, greatly depending on what kind of earring kit you wish to purchase. This kit will include the piercing earrings or stud, as well as the aftercare solution.

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Avoid At All Costs You Will Be Disappointed Abysmal Service

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This site is basically a scam for how abysmal it is run. It was bad years ago and I genuinely thought it had improved. I ordered a couple items purse, sunglasses and to round up to get free delivery I added on some smaller items as they were in sale and seemed like a good price. Regretting every second of it now. Firstly, they didn’t send me my sunglasses, the purse or a piece of jewellery I paid in full for and nothing in the order to say these were unavailable. I received a tiny parcel with two of the add ons I had bought. None of the larger items I had initially went on the website for. My order summary CLEARLY states that these items were included and paid for and now they’re saying the items are not in the order summary? I shouldn’t have to reach out and ask for a refund for items I didn’t get especially from an international company like Claires.No one ever answers the customer service phone line it just cuts out to a full voicemail inbox after an hour so don’t even bother. What kind of circus are you guys running? You need to go out of business already if this is all you can manage.

Date of experience:December 01, 2022

Date of experience:November 14, 2022

What Claire’s Accessories Says

A spokeswoman said: “We’re delighted to hear that you had your daughter’s ears pierced with us, and we hope it was a great experience for you and your daughter – ‘We make Memories’ at Claire’s so hope we lived up to our promise at our Hull store. “From the information you provided, it sounds like you treated your daughter to a lovely solid gold crystal piercing.

“Our ear piercing services start at £15 for both ear lobes, £12 for a single – there are 4 stainless steel styles available at this price point, and this price includes the specialist ear piercing earrings, the piercing service, and our standard ear care lotion.

“For customers who’d like to change out their earrings more quickly than the six week standard solution time period, there is an option to upgrade to our exclusive rapid ear care lotion for an additional £10 with any of our piercing styles.

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Is Ear Piercing Safe

All Claires associates complete an intensive Ear Piercing Training Program before they can become certified Ear Piercing Specialists. Our piercing earrings are individually packaged, sterilised and meet or exceed FDA guidelines. We wear only single use gloves and all our equipment is cleaned and sanitised after each use.

Should I Get My Ears Pierced With A Gun Or Needle


Getting Pierced with a Needle The process of using a needle to do a piercing in an area of the body other than the ear lobe is much safer, and our customers say, less painful than using a piercing gun. … Yet when the two methods are directly compared, needles are far safer, and less painful for body piercings.

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