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How To Open Blocked Nose Home Remedies

How To Tell If Your Babys Nose Is Clogged

How To Clear A Stuffy Nose Instantly

Other than obvious signs of a cold or infection, if your baby snorts, has noisy breathing, finds it difficult to feed or is very irritable, it could be because of a stuffy nose. Another sign your baby is congested is when your baby is breathing through his/her mouth.

If your baby is really stuffed up and is having trouble breathing, it can be a bit concerning, especially when it comes to sleeping and eating. Here are some natural ways you can help clear your babys nose, so you both get some relief.

Dietary Changes To Relief From Stuffy Nose:

Your diet greatly impacts your health, therefore you have to plan it carefully.

  • Eat more spicy food to give relief from the congested sinuses. The spicy flavor trigger a runny nose.
  • Stay away from whole grains, milk and other dairy products as they will increase the problem.
  • Chicken soup is a well-known diet for the people who are suffering from stuffy nose. Add some pepper powder into it for extra effectiveness.
  • Include food which contains vitamin C, zinc, etc. in your diet to strengthen your immune system.
  • Include food items like ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, garlic, onions, pepper, and other spices in your diet.
  • Avoid refined sugar and sugary products, like candies, chocolates, donuts, cakes and cookies.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages as they will increase the problem.
  • Drink herbal teas to reduce the inflammation, thin the mucus and decrease the congestion.
  • Staying hydrated will also prevent the stuffy nose as the moisture will help to soothe your irritated or inflamed nasal passages and reduces the sinus blockages.

Saline Solution And Bulb Syringe

Stuffy nose is a life threatening problem for infants because they cant breathe with their mouths. This process helps to reduce the congestion and drain the mucus.

  • Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water.
  • Place your infant on a flat surface with towel rolled from beneath the shoulders to tip of head.
  • Place few drops of saline solution in a nostril and allow it to loosen the mucus for 30 60 seconds.
  • Now turn your baby on their stomach allowing the mucus drain out completely.
  • Take a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator and push out the air inside.
  • Insert into your babies nostril and gently release the bulb so the mucus will be sucked in, clean with a tissue.
  • Repeat the same process to the other nostril.
  • Alternatively, you can simply take a tissue, roll it into a small cone and swab around their nostrils.

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Symptoms Of A Runny Nose

You might think that your nose is just reacting to dusty or cold environments. However, a runny nose is usually a sign that your nasal passage is inflamed and irritated.

If left untreated, these symptoms may end up lasting for a few days or even weeks. Here are some signs of a runny nose:

  • Excessive mucus production
  • Headache or facial pain due to increased pressure in the nasal cavities
  • Sore throat or cough due to mucus dripping back into your throat

In some severe cases, you might get nose bleeds from blowing your nose too much or even end up with a sore throat or laryngitis due to prolonged post-nasal drip.

Homeopathic Remedies For A Stuffy Nose

5 Uses of OnGuard Oil

Here are some homeopathic remedies for a stuffy nose. But, before using any of them, check your symptoms.

1. Allium cepa 30: This remedy can be taken when there is a lot of mucus discharge from the nose along with watery eyes and a painful cough.

2. Belladonna 30: When there is blood-stained discharge from the nose along with an acute headache, this remedy is helpful.

3. Gelsemium 30: This remedy is very useful when the stuffy nose is accompanied by symptoms like dizziness, fever, headache, and body ache.

4. Nux vomica 30: This remedy should be taken when there is a running nose during the daytime while it gets stuffy at night, especially in dry weather.

5. Arsenic 30: When there is less acidic mucus discharge indoors while heavy outdoors, arsenic 30 is recommended.

Other homeopathic remedies that can be taken for curing a heavily stuffed nose are Natrum Mur 30, Euphrasia 30, Mercurius sol 30, and Pulsatilla 30.

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Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is beneficial in different ways. Balance the intake of fluid when your nose is blocked. You can choose any liquids of your choice expect ice-cold beverages. You can pick water, juices or any sports drink.

Hot water will be more beneficial. It thins the mucus and pushes the fluid out of the nose. It also reduces the pressure on sinuses which means less irritation and inflammation.

If the stuffed nose is accompanied with a sore throat, you can have warm tea or soup. It will ease the discomfort.

When Should You Visit The Paediatrician

If home remedies arent working for your baby, she may need a medical check-up.

Consider visiting a paediatrician if:

  • The cold doesnt clear up within three weeks.
  • Your baby takes quick breaths.
  • She is running a high temperature.
  • She coughs up blood.
  • Your babys condition seems to be getting worse.
  • Your little one has a persistent sore throat.
  • You see her wheezing and her skin turning pale or blue.

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How To Unblock A Stuffy Nose At Night Naturally

Here are additional details for how to unblock a stuffy nose that lead to success if you decide to try this great home remedy at night during sleep.

Lie on your left side or chest and completely relax all body muscles. Pinch your nose and follow the above instructions related to breath-holding and reduced breathing to get a quick relief. If your nose keeps getting blocked again and again, you should increase your body-oxygen levels up to 20 or more seconds. With this amount of oxygen in the body, your nose will stay unblocked all the time.

Breathing patterns and congested nose

Our automatic breath patterns have a powerful effect on our cell oxygenation and blood supply to all tissues of the body sinuses included. As soon as your breathing becomes a little deeper or faster, oxygen delivery to body cells decreases. What are the possible causes?

Mouth breathing negatively affects hundreds of physiological processes and reactions in the human body. Sleeping on ones back makes breathing almost 2 times heavier , reducing body oxygenation. As a result, supine sleep often leads to mouth breathing, sleep apnea, snoring, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, cramps, and other symptoms and problems.

There are certain criteria for the permanent cure of a stuffed nose. These criteria were tested on thousands of people. Find out about these criteria in the bonus content below. The bonus content is in the next paragraph, but it is hidden until you share it on your social network.

What Causes A Blocked Nose

How To RELIEVE Sinus Pressure & Unblock A Clogged Stuffy Nose Fast (Home Remedy Demo)

There are many reasons you can suffer from a blocked nose, whether it be hay fever, a cold or anything in between. However, scientifically speaking, a blocked nose or nasal congestion can be caused by anything that irritates or inflames the nasal tissues. The stuffy feeling in the nose is a result of swelling inside the nasal lining, rather than mucus. The mucus simply acts to dispel any unwanted visitor and helps to relieve a blocked nose. Our immune system is such an amazing machine!

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Home Remedies For A Blocked Nose

A blocked or stuffy nose can be very painful and uncomfortable, and is usually the result of nasal congestion. Nasal congestion occurs when the nasal cavity becomes clogged with excess mucus, often due to an allergic response or infection. The blockage prevents you from breathing through the nose and forces you to inhale through the mouth instead. Fortunately, there are numerous home remedies that you can try for a blocked nose.

Remedy: How To Unblock A Stuffy Nose

Pinch your congested nose and walk fast with your blocked nose pinched and your mouth closed the whole time. You probably will be able to make around 20-30 steps. While walking, stay relaxed, and hold your breath until you have a strong urge to breathe. Then sit down with your spine totally straight and focus on your breath. After you release your nose, start reduced breathing or breathing less air, without taking deep breaths, and keep the mouth closed. Here are details for this great home remedy.

Instead of taking a big inhalation, take a smaller inhale, and then relax all muscles for exhalation, especially the upper chest, diaphragm, and other respiratory muscles. Take another small inhalation and again relax. With each inhalation, keep practicing this reduced or shallow breathing while remaining relaxed.

Your purpose is to maintain a sensation of air hunger for about 2-3 min with a complete relaxation of all muscles of the body. Your breathing may become more frequent during this reduced breathing or shallow breathing, but this is okay.

The success rate for this blocked nose remedy is over 90%. The results are better if a person is able to perform diaphragmatic breathing during this exercise while they are trying to clear a blocked nose.

If later your breathing becomes heavy, your nose will get blocked again. Then you can repeat this exercise.

The YouTube video on the right side explains this home remedy in detail : How to Unblock a Blocked Nose.

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Nothing Beats A Doctors Prescription

These home remedies are meant to provide relief. Some of them might work better for you than others.

But if you suspect that the cause of your runny nose is a bacterial or viral infection, it is best to see a doctor. Home remedies and over-the-counter medication may not directly combat the virus or the bacteria that are causing the runny nose. They might relieve the symptoms, but not treat the cause.If youre looking for a more direct approach to curing a runny nose, see a medical professional. Get a proper diagnosis of the underlying cause for the runny nose and get medication that can address it directly.

Nasal Congestion Treatment: How To Clear A Blocked Nose With Household Remedies

Easy Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

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A blocked nose can be extremely irritating. From the sleepless nights to the constant mouth breathing, it’s a real pain. But nothing beats the relief of finally getting a blocked nose to clear. It’s a shame, because it’s often the last symptom to go away after a cold or flu. But you dont need to suffer in silence! With our handy blocked nose remedies, youll be on your way to a clearer nose and better sleep.

Keep Cushelle Pocket Pack Tissues at hand when you want to know how to stop a sore nose theyre designed to protect skin from irritation when your nose is blocked, but theyre strong enough to withstand a few decent nose-blows. In fact, theyre so strong theyll even survive a trip through the wash if theyre accidentally left in a pocket!

P.s – Cushelle is here for your blocked nose no matter what, but were not medical experts. Always seek professional advice if you are worried about a persistent stuffy nose.

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Allowing A Baby To Cry

Although this sounds unusual, tears may actually end up in the nasal passageway and help with dissolving a babys mucus. A childs tears can effectively soften and help eliminate dried-up bits of boogers from its nasal passageway.

Parents can also use a soft cloth to dab at the baby’s nostrils regularly when the kids cry so that the nasal passageway can be cleared naturally.

Why Natural Is Best For Babies

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, over-the-counter cough and cold medicine makers have responded to the FDA ruling that their products must not be given to children under age four by removing them from store shelves. Research has shown these products offer little benefit to young children, and can have potentially serious side effects and a high chance of overdose when mixed with other medications.

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Take Antihistamines Or Allergy Medications

Antihistamine medications are designed to help stop the production of histamine, which is a chemical that causes allergy symptoms. Both antihistamines and allergy medications can reduce inflammation in your nasal passages, helping you to unblock your nose. Some antihistamines are available over-the-counter, while others may require a prescription from a doctor.

Best Home Remedies For Blocked Nose At Night

Nose Unblocking Exercises – How To Get Rid Of A Blocked Nose

1. Steam: Steam inhalation is the most common natural remedy for a blocked nose. It helps in opening up the nasal passages by softening any congested mucus in them. You will need to take a bowl of water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil to it, then bring your face close to the bowl and inhale the steam slowly for about five minutes. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to the water for added benefits.

2. Hot Soup: Hot soup is another great remedy for a blocked nose. It helps in liquefying the mucus and clears the nasal passages. It is also a good way to warm up your body and fight off any infection.

3. Nasal Spray: Saline nasal sprays are very effective in clearing the congested mucus in the nasal passages. They can be bought over the counter or made at home by adding a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water. You can either use a saline spray or take a large dropper and drop the saline solution into each nostril.

4. Gargling: Gargling with salt water is another age-old remedy that can help clear your blocked nose. All you need to do is take a glass of warm water and add one teaspoon of salt to it. Gargle the solution in your mouth for five minutes, repeat two or three times daily.

5. Nasal Rinsing: Nasal rinsing is another effective way to cleanse the nasal passages of any congestion causing impurities. You will need six ounces of distilled or purified water.

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Menthol Rubs Or Menthol Lozenges

Time to whip out the good old Axe Oil your grandfather keeps in his back pocket!

While your neighbourhood coffee shop uncles favour Axe Oil, there are other brands of menthol rubs. You can find Vicks, Tiger Balm, Olbas Mentholatum and many more at your local convenience store or pharmacy. If your skin is sensitive to oils and rubs, you can opt to suck on a lozenge instead.

However, you should be aware that menthol doesnt do much to ease nasal congestion. What they do is trigger menthol receptors in your nose that makes you feel like youre breathing better.

Menthol rubs and lozenges can also help with other cold symptoms like cough and sore throat that comes hand-in-hand with runny noses.

When using menthol rubs, avoid rubbing it directly in or on your nose. The skin around your nose is sensitive, and these rubs might cause skin irritation. Instead, apply a small amount below your nose or on your upper lip.

Heres a quick breakdown on the effectiveness and risks that come with the 5 home remedies for a runny nose.

Type of remedy
Might face difficulty in picking out a suitable brand. Not effective in runny nose relief, but it helps you feel better. Potential allergy to chemicals or skin irritation.

Steam With Antiseptic Herbs

Place 3 teaspoons of dried thyme and 3 teaspoons dried peppermint in a small heatproof bowl and add boiling water. Lean over the bowl, covering your head and the bowl with a thick towel, and inhale for 10 minutes, keeping your face and nose eight to 10 inches above the water. Repeat two to three times a day, as needed, until you dont feel as stuffy. Thyme is antibacterial and the menthol in mint is a natural decongestant that eases breathing.

Stifle your sniffles with these natural cold remedies.

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Use Saline Drops Or Spray

One of easiest ways to clear a babys or toddlers nose is to use a saline nasal spray. Nasal spray works by thinning out the mucus, allowing the nose to clear out and ease congestion.

If you cant run to the store for saline drops or spray, try mixing one cup of warm, filtered water and a ½ teaspoon of salt. Make sure your mixture is completely cooled before using.

Try tilting your babys head back and spraying or squeezing a couple of drops inside the nose. Then, follow with some tummy time or by tilting your baby on its side, allowing the mucus to drain. Keep a soft tissue handy to wipe his/her nose.

Top 10 Natural Therapies For Babies With Congested Nasal Airways

Pin on Young Living Essential Oils

Please note that the ideas listed below should not be deemed professional medical advice, but instead a compilation of tips that other parents have found useful in dealing with children with blocked and stuffy noses.

These ideas are not medical advice and you are advised to seek proper medical attention should your baby become ill or youre not sure how to effectively clear your infants clogged nasal passages.

However, some of the natural ways parents have been able to address the problem of mucus ridden noses include the following.

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Diy Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose Or Blocked Nose

When your nose is congested, breathing normally becomes a challenging task. Many people assume that stuffy nose is caused by too much mucus in the nose. However, stuffy nose is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses. Usually, the inflammation is triggered by flu, cold, sinus infections and allergies. Watery eyes, hoarse voice, minor headache and sinus pain are few symptoms of a clogged nose.

If a stuffy nose is not treated on time, then it can lead to ear infection and restless sleep. There are many commercial nasal sprays available in the market, but do you know that they can be addicting? Dont worry, we have many simple natural solutions like garlic, apple cider vinegar, ginger and many other kitchen ingredients to get rid of cold and stuffy nose.

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