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Noise Cancelling Sleep Ear Buds

Koss Ksc21 Earphones For Sleeping

QuietOn 3 Sleep Earbuds – Unboxing, First Impressions & Review – Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Lightweight and thin, the Koss KSC21 SportClip system offers comfortable earbuds that are delightful to wear while sleeping. The soft foam ear cushions cover the durable plastic for an incredibly soft feeling. The ear plates can pivot to ensure that they stay securely rooted in place even when you move during sleep, and the clips are covered in soft rubber for extra comfort.In addition to their not-intrusive feel, what makes this product outstanding is the incredible sound quality. The Koss KSC21 uses an extended frequency response system that delivers dynamic audio. It is hard to go wrong with the Koss KSC21 SportClip when it comes to lasting sleep comfort and night-time listening.

What Noise Cancellation Means

Noise cancelling headphones generally have a microphone built-in that catches the external noise and creates a sound wave to actively block the noise. Noise isolation headphones just have a seal or padding around your ears to block the noise out.

There are a few thumb rules you should remember when selecting noise cancellation or noise isolation headphones:

  • Price often reflects quality. The more you pay, the more value you get. Sometimes the technology is better and other times, additional perks like detachable cable and lifetime warranty come on offer.
  • If you are going to use the headphones just for music, and not for watching movies and such, noise isolation headphones can work well for you. You can play the music at low volume and still enjoy the music.
  • Quality can be subjective. Some people love Bose while others like basic Shures.

The Best Headphones For Sleeping In 2022

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Getting a good nights sleep is central to your physical and mental health. And, unfortunately, most of us have at least some trouble getting to or staying asleep regularly. Enter the sleep headphone, designed to fit more comfortably in your ears than traditional earbuds, block or cancel noise and provide specialized meditation content instead of your favorite tunes.

We tested four popular pairs, and though we we acknowledge that fit and comfort may be subjective, depending on the size of your ears and what kind of sleeper you are , weve found one great pair that, based on our personal experience, should help a wide range of people get some better rest.

The small, smooth earbuds fit comfortably in our ears in fact, weve used no other earbud that has come close to being this comfy in any situation. Wing-style stabilizers help keep the Sleepbuds II in place, and we only lost an earbud in the bed once, missing it so much that we frantically searched until we located it under a pillow in the morning .

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Can I Listen To My Own Music Or Audiobooks With Sleepbuds Ii

No. They will not stream your own music, audiobooks, or podcasts. Instead, they play specially curated relaxation content to help you fall asleep and masking sounds to keep noises from disturbing sleep. In order to achieve a form factor small enough to be comfortable for sleeping, and accommodate a battery that can support sound playback for an entire night, we made the conscious design decision not to stream audio to Sleepbuds. Instead, the sound files are stored on each of the earbuds and played back locally, dramatically extending the audio playback time achievable in this tiny form factor.

Sensitive Sleepers Should Take Note Of The Trial Period noise cancelling earbuds sleep

Sleep can be a very subjective experience. While I found the wireless earbuds to be quite effective, I’m one of those people who’s not fond of putting anything into my ears when I wind down. Meanwhile, I know of several other people who love to sleep with headphones on. Perhaps the QuietOn earbuds are best for those in the middle — people who are OK with wearing earplugs or earbuds to bed, but don’t want to have a music playlist or white noise blasting into their ears all night long. Earbuds like these could be especially helpful for anyone looking to block out a partner who snores or to airplane sounds when trying to sleep on a flight.

The QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds are also just plain expensive, costing more than many high-end noise-canceling earbuds that also play music and connect to your phone for calls, like Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro and Sony’s $280 WF-1000XM4. If you’re interested in the QuietOn earbuds, try out regular earplugs or our other sleep tips first before considering the investment. While we haven’t tested them, there are also other sleep earbud products from Amazfit for $150 and 1More for $100, but these also take more of a sound masking approach with white noise as opposed to active noise cancellation. QuietOn does offer a 14-day trial period, which should give you enough nights of trial and error to find out if these earbuds are the right answer for you.

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Best Headphones For Sleeping In 2022

These specially designed headphones block out ambient noise and play your favorite sounds. Get ready to sleep better.

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  • Price alerts on for Bose QuietComfort 20

Many people find it easier to sleep with some noise in the background, but finding the right sounds can be tricky. Some people like the sounds of the city, but they can be disruptive, unpredictable and difficult to drown out. A pair of headphones can help, but most pairs are uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. However, there are plenty of headphones made specifically to be worn in bed. We’ve rounded up some of the best headphones for sleeping below so you can find a pair that will work for you.

  • SleepPhones Wireless Sleep Headphones

Bose Sleepbuds Ii $29995 At Bose

Image: Bose

The Bose Sleepbuds II are the second generation of Bose’s wearable bedtime technology and they’re created specifically to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, thanks to their relaxation content, noise masking technology, and super comfortable design. They wont play your Spotify playlist – theyre strictly for sleep, not listening to music – but they will play soothing sounds off a connected app that can help you relax, encourage better sleep, and cover up any noises that might interrupt your rest – like noisy partners, pets, or traffic. You can read our full review, here.

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Noise Isolation Vs Noise Cancelling

Noise isolation is simple. It means removing the extra sound that gets in your ear to the highest extent. But noise cancellation is a technology in itself. Let us look at the differences between these two terms in detail. Then you can look at the different headphones in our list and choose the one that suits you the best.

In Ear Or Over Ear Wired Or Wireless


This totally comes down to personal preference. Some people like earbuds they can’t feel are there, others worry they’ll lose them in the night. For some, a headband is the only way to go. It doesn’t really make any difference, it’s just whatever you find most comfortable. When it comes to wired or wireless, again it’s really a personal preference. But for sleeping, wireless is probably most comfortable. Many newer models of wired headphones do make sure the cord is unobtrusive, or can be worn down your back in the night so you don’t notice it.

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Best Sleeping Headphones And Earbuds Editors Picks

Best All-Round Dublabs Bedphones

Bedphones, made by Moonbow are soft foam-covered super-thin sleeping earphones with a patented on-ear design that allows the earphones to lie flat on the ear.

The low-profile design means Bedphones are more comfortable than other on-ear designs, especially for side-sleeping, making them a practical alternative for people who dont like wearing earbuds.

The earphones are held in place by rubber earhooks with an over -ear design. This means you can wear the cable down your back at night whilst youre asleep to minimize the chances of tangling.

The secure design means Bedphones are also suitable for sports use and for travel and include an in-line remote for adjusting music tracks and call handling.

Bedphones Versions

DubLabs Bedphones come in 3 different versions.

  • Bedphones Wired the classic version with rubber-coated memory wire for an infinitely adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Bedphones Wireless all the features of the classic BedPhones but with Bluetooth 3.0 wireless audio and a 13 hour battery life
  • Bedphones VersaFit a sweat-proof and sport-friendly version of BedPhones wireless

Price at time of publishing:

Bedphones Gen3.5 : RRP $89.00

The earpieces themselves are a pair of ultra-thin removable speakers which conveniently slot into the headband. Perfect for side sleepers, the headband is soft and padded so that the speakers never intrude on your comfort at night.

Which Style To Use In Bed

In the photo below, you can see some examples of the different styles of headphones I tested before writing this article: earbuds, over-ear, on-ear, and headbands.

If you always sleep on your back or only listen to music for a while before turning it off, you can probably use most headphones. That opens the door to the full range of noise-cancelling headphones, including on-ear and earbud styles.

However, if you want to be able to lie comfortably on your side, I recommend trying one of the headband styles. Those headphones typically have flat and padded speakers, which makes them very comfortable to wear in bed.

They wont give you active noise cancellation or the loudest bass, but they more than make up for it where comfort is concerned and are good enough for some quiet nighttime listening.

In this review, Ill be looking at the flat headphones that have most impressed me, along with some budget options. Ive also included my favorite noise-cancelling headphones for those who really want to shut the world out at night.

Youll find an overview and comparison tables first to give you an idea of whats coming up and how they compare. After that, Ill cover each set of headphones in depth.

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Noise Reduction Ear Plugs Sleeping Headphones For Side Sleepers Ear Plugs For Sleeping Noise Cancelling Super Soft Sleep Earbuds Wired With Microphone Great For Insomnia Snoring Air Travel

  • Unspeakable lightness: Weighing 1.2g on one side and only 10.2g in total, they are so light and unobtrusive that you can barely feel them while wearing them to bed.
  • High resolution: With a 3.5mm plug for any standard audio device, it provides crystal clear sound, perfect for listening to light music, sleep apps, white noise, Netflix, podcasts, ASMR videos, and hypnotic mp3s.
  • Soft skin-friendly: High-quality skin-friendly silicone, one-piece molding, “0” wearing, improve ear comfort, In-ear earplug design effectively block out background noise , perfect block snoring, living room TV sound,office noise and roommate mobile,full body silicone sleep earphones, accompany you to sleep peacefully.
  • Gospel for side sleepers: Ergonomic design, soft silicone, exquisite and compact, like a small soybean, easy to hide, comfortable and light to wear as if there is nothing, easy to hide in the ear, even if worn for a long time, as if there is nothing in the ear.
  • Durable & Longed lasting: The earbuds are built in bulletproof tough wire which is really sturdy and durable , you don’t need to worry that the earbuds will be broken although you toss and turn on the bed all over the night . The 120CM extra long thin wire won’t restrict your movements as well .

How We Test Headphones

QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Earbuds

We have state-of-the-art testing facilities in London, Reading and Bath, where our team of experienced, in-house reviewers test the majority of hi-fi and AV kit that passes through our door.

Of course, testing headphones don’t often require such facilities . What is important in our headphones reviewing process is that each pair is compared to the best in its price and style class whether that’s one standout pair or a few we favour the highest among the 100+ pairs we listen to each year for reviews and What Hi-Fi? Awards judging. What Hi-Fi? is all about comparative testing, and we keep class-leading products in our stockrooms so we can always compare new products to ones we know and love.

We are always impartial and do our best to make sure we’re hearing every product at their very best, so we’ll try plenty of different types of music and give them plenty of listening time , while the wired headphones that might warrant being used with a DAC are tested with a suitable one. It’s not just about sound quality, of course. If a pair has active noise cancellation increasingly the case these days we’ll ensure part of our testing involves using them in different environments.


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Can You Still Hear With Noise

Noise-canceling technology cannot completely isolate sound due to the obvious air trapped between your audio device and your eardrum. You have, however, to be able to hear music to hear it. If you could release the trapped air, the main result would be quiet, regardless of how loud your music is.


What Are Phone Call Alerts Can I Answer A Phone Call Through Sleepbuds Ii

No. Sleepbuds II will only notify you of an incoming call. Phone Call Alerts are notifications sent through Sleepbuds II to wake you when a phone call comes in. In order to answer the call, you must remove Sleepbuds II and use the mobile device. Please note that Sleepbuds adhere to the devices Do Not Disturb setting and will not notify you when this feature is enabled.

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How Long Does It Take To Load A New Sound To My Sleepbuds Ii And Will I Need To Delete A Sound To Make Room

The transfer time depends on the mobile device and the size of the sound file. While most transfers should take less than 10 minutes, transferring a large file on an older device may take up to an hour. Bose recommends initiating the transfer early to ensure its complete by bedtime.

Sleepbuds II store sound files directly on each of the Sleepbuds. Because of the small form factor of Sleepbuds II, the amount of storage is limited. Sleepbuds II will reach a point when memory is full, and you will need to delete one or more sound files before adding a new one. The requirement to delete a sound is based on the combined size of all of the sounds on Sleepbuds II, not on the number of sounds. The size of each sound file varies. The Bose Sleep app will tell you when you need to delete a sound or sounds before transferring a new one from the Sound Library.

How To Choose The Best Sleep Earplugs For You

Can Bose’s noise-masking Sleepbuds really help you sleep?

The best earplugs for sleep will depend on how you best get to sleep in teh first place. If you want total silence, there are a few options that will help, with active noise cancellation and silicone seals providing more thorough noise blocking than simple foam earplugs. The Quietcon 3 will certainly fit the bill here.

If, however, you need some soothing sounds, music, or audiobooks to help you drift off, there are options here too, such as the Amazfit or Bose offerings.

Budget is also a consideration: the more features the plugs have, the more expensive they tend to be. If you already have one of the best fitness trackers, you might already have sleep tracking capabilities, and opt for a set of earplugs without them to cheapen the cost.

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Cowin E7 Active Noise

Best Technology

COWINs wireless, over-the-ear headphones feature cutting-edge technology to cancel out the background noises experienced during travel and daily life. The speakers come equipped with 40mm large-aperture drivers producing an incredibly deep and accurate bass response that will leave you impressed with the sound quality.

They include a built-in microphone and an NFC chip, allowing you to pair the headphones with your phone and use voice commands to make calls or send messages. Finally, the long battery life gives you 30 hours of wireless, Bluetooth playtime per charge, so you dont have to worry about running out of power throughout your travels.

Tip For Side Sleepers: Use A Pillow With A Hole

As Ive mentioned a couple of times already, having anything sitting in or on your ears can be a problem for those of us who sleep with an ear on the pillow. Even the smallest earbuds designed specifically for sleeping can still be uncomfortable when pressed firmly into your ear canal.

One inventive solution? A pillow with a hole in it. Originally intended for those recovering from ear surgery or dealing with painful conditions, the circular hole in the middle works just as well for dealing with the discomfort of lying on an earbud for several hours.

Hypo-allergenic and with removable stuffing to adjust the height and firmness, the P.W.A.H. is comfortable and works surprisingly well despite its odd appearance.

Traveling and cant fit a pillow in your carry-on? A fabric-lined travel version like this offers similar benefits in a smaller, cheaper package. It isnt as comfortable as a normal pillow, though, so be sure to test it out before relying on it during a trip.

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