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Shure In Ear Monitor System

What Are The Benefits Of Shure In Ear Monitors There Are Many Benefits Of Relying On Shure’s In

Shure PSM Wireless In-ear Monitor Systems Overview by Sweetwater

The primary benefit is that it essentially cleans up the performance audio. Without the risk of audio bleeding from front of house or standard monitoring speakers, the playback and ability for musicians to hear themselves perform are drastically improved.

The next benefit is that, because in-ear monitoring systems render standard monitoring methods obsolete, stages are also cleared away of speakers and extra wiring that would make any stage presence less aesthetically pleasing. While this may not be that big of a game changer when it comes to DJ’s club shows, it can make a world of difference for guitarists, vocalists, and other larger bands while they are performing.

And finally, audio playback is clearer and more defined by the nature of the headphones used. Because the monitoring inputs are placed directly into the musician’s ears, the inputs can be panned across the in-ear monitors which allow for crystal clear and defined monitoring of what the entire band is doing!

Shure’s In Ear Monitors

Shure offers a line of in-ear monitors designed for musicians and performers of all levels. Let’s break down our three favorite models so that you can make the call on which one is best for you.

If one of these in ear monitors isn’t hitting the spot for you, Sweetwater breaks down their essential list of in ear monitors at any price point in the video below:

What Are Some Questions I Should Ask Myself To Determine The Best Wireless Iem System For My Needs

Besides the factors that weve already mentioned, here are a few questions youll need to answer to get the best out of your IEM system.

  • What is the size of the venue for your performance?
  • How many band members will be using the IEM system?
  • Do you want to hear yourself only or hear the entire band?
  • Do you need a mono or a multi-receiver system?

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Why We Chose The Mee Audio M6 Pro In

The M6 Pro has always amazed me. The quality of the sound at this price is amazing and the full range of accessories is impressive. They have been around for a long time and have built a great reputation.

If you are starting your music journey and youd appreciate a set of IEMs to also listen to music then the M6 Pro is an easy choice.

For around $50 youre getting a set of IEMs that has a great sound profile for vocalists with a history of being excellent value for money and a quality build.

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Shure PSM 200/S5 « In

The Shure in ear monitor system PSM 300 for musicians and live performers looking for an effective way to monitor their performance and eliminate feedback. The PSM300 is one of the best wireless in-ear monitor systems for singers and musicians. The system comes with everything you need even the Shure SE earphones. PSM 300 in ear monitor systems offer one-touch frequency scan and sync to find and assign a clean wireless channel. Adjust the volume and use MixMode® technology or stereo mode to create a personal mix from two channels of audio. Up to 15 PMS 300 in ear monitor systems are compatible per band.

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How Scram Cam Tests Alcohol Through The Skin

When someone drinks alcohol, much of it is absorbed and metabolized in the body, but about 4% of it is excreted through the lungs and kidneys, and 1% through the skin in the form of insensible perspiration. SCRAM CAM tests that insensible perspiration using an electrochemical fuel cell by sampling the wearers sweat every 30 minutes.

Adv Model 3 Live Edition In

ADV headphones are, as a brand, an impressive option that was engineered to be unlike any other headphones out there. They are very different from most of the average and more generic-looking earphones on the market, appealing to those that want something that stands out in all the right ways.

The Model 3 is particularly exceptional as a set of earphones, as they pride themselves on being extremely lightweight and detachable. The cable itself is regarded as a memory wire due to its impressive ability to mold itself along the persons specific ear shape and design, making something ultimately more comfortable and unique.

The Model 3 headphones have a cable that is over 1.5m in length, making it longer than many other brands out there. This also means that the sound quality is also at an increased point of clarity while being very easy to use and listen to.

The Model 3s earbuds are made from the same memory mold material as the cable while also having silicone to further ensure that they feel as comfortable and engaging as possible.

The only real downside is the fact that, because the headphones largely use memory mold and silicone in their development instead of a hardier plastic or metal, they are more likely to wear themselves out compared to other materials, requiring more frequent replacements.

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Long & Mcquade Performance Assurance

Buying a new instrument is an exciting event and we want to ensure that every instrument we sell comes exactly how the manufacturer intended it to be. That is why Long & McQuade performs a quality control check for every stringed, brass, and woodwind instrument over $99 ordered online at

Our team of experienced staff will unbox your instrument and perform a detailed inspection to ensure it leaves our warehouse looking and playing great with our QC card signed and dated for your peace of mind.

We work hard to source the best instruments from around the world from the finest brands. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your new instrument purchase from day one onwards.

Stringed Instrument Performance Assurance Checklist

Unlike our free set-up, which is included within the first year of purchase, this process is done to have the instrument set to the factory specs rather than to each player’s feel or preferences.

We look after the following:

  • Inspect finish and hardware.
  • Check electronics to make sure everything is in working order. Check batteries on active pickups.
  • Inspect strings.
  • Check truss rod. Adjust for bow and relief.
  • Tune instrument to manufacturers specified tuning.
  • Check/set action height.
  • Stretch strings and re-tune instrument and ensure machine heads are working well.
  • Check for fret buzz by playing every note.
  • Check/set intonation.

Sennheiser Pro Audio G4

Shure PSM300 WIRELESS In Ear Monitor System – Demo/Overview/Review

For professionals, the Sennheiser G4-A1 wireless IEM system can be their best bet. Sure, its much pricier than the previous product, but that only speaks for its unwavering quality. Lets find out what makes it special.

For starters, this beast is one of the most versatile IEM systems out there with an ability to handle numerous situations. This is thanks to its 16-channel simultaneous operation and 1,680 selectable frequencies. Also, the Sennheiser has a bandwidth of 42MHz.

Users loved how the G4-A1 could cover up to 300 feet of range, making it suitable for large performances. While the previous system on our list can be good enough for personal use, the Sennheiser system is a monster in comparison.

Better yet, this system has made setup easier by introducing an automatic frequency scan function. Plus, to keep you from accidentally changing your settings, the unit includes a little lock.


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Do I Need Wireless In

Why you can trust MusicRadar Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

A good place to start when choosing the best in-ear monitors for you is deciding if you want to go with wired or wireless IEMs. Your answer will depend on what instrument you play. For drummers, in their static positions, it can often make sense to have that pure, wired sound as this provides no risk of audio dropout or interference.

Singers, guitarists, keyboard players and anyone else front of stage however would benefit from a wireless solution. These comprise a transmitter device, into which you plug the output from the mixing desk, and a receiver pack which takes a radio signal from the transmitter and feeds it into the monitors themselves. From here you can then decide if you want a full-band mix in your monitors, or selected parts of it.

What Else Do I Need To Get Started

Just like the way you would set up for a gig, everything goes into the mixer and then to the PA system.

With in-ear monitor systems, you will still need a mixer for your instruments and vocals to be sent to. From here, the signal can be split: one mix can be sent to the PA system and another can be sent to your monitor system. This way, you have full control over what you want to hear.

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If You Are A Vocalist Then The Best Iems Dont Have To Be Expensivebut They Can Be If You Want

Writing a list of the best in-ear monitors for Singers comes from a place of experience. After playing and singing in live venues around the world Ive used cheap iems when singing and playing guitar, and Ive used expensive custom in-ear monitors for venues that seated crowds of 10 to crowds of 10,000. If youre a guitarist you can also check out my recommendations for in-ear monitors for guitarists.

How We Test In

Shure PSM300 Twin Pack P3TR112TW Wireless In

There are several factors we look at when testing in-ear monitors , the most important being quality, comfort and isolation. This is similar to how we test regular studio headphones, but as IEMs are most often used on stage, isolation is perhaps a more notable consideration â you want to hear your own performance without being drowned out by the rest of the band playing around you. Obviously when testing IEMs, it’s not always practical to set up an entire band onstage, but we do test isolation claims by using the IEMs in a variety of situations, both in the studio and on stage.

While IEMs are aimed at live musicians, they can also be used in the studio and some producers prefer their design over more traditional on-ear headphones that can be less comfortable. Isolation is still important here but perhaps more so is comfort. Do the IEMs sit well in your ears? Are they almost ‘invisible’ when wearing them as some regular studio cans can feel?

Finally, design quality and price are considerations plus, of course, wireless performance in terms of operating distance, number of channels and stability and the associated battery lifetime compared to quoted statistics.

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What Do Shure In Ear Monitors Do

In a normal live musical environment, the performer would have a speaker for monitoring either directly in front of them or to the side of them . These monitors allow the musician to accurately hear what they are playing.

The problem here though is that the noise bleed from the monitors can play back and leak into the microphone and all the other equipment behind the monitoring speaker.

Shure’s solution to these issues is their Personal Stereo Monitors , and Shure’s In-Ear Monitors allow the musician to hear what they are doing on stage when they perform without the risk of audio bleeding, feedback, and other frustrations that can occur with standard monitoring.

Sennheiser Pro Audio Iem G4

This Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitor system comes with the same features as the one weve already reviewed. The only difference is that this system has two receivers.

Here, youll get a wide frequency selection, multiple channel operation, and more. Even better, with two bundled receivers included, you can only expect a rise in the systems performance.

Other things to admire about this system are the automatic frequency scan and adaptive diversity. Also, dont forget about the much-needed 300 feet of transmission range.

Sure, a twin-pack can be a lot pricier than a single version, but this pack can boost your musical experience to a great degree. As a result, the majority of people who tried it gave it positive reviews. Some even claimed that it was worth more than theyd paid for it.


  • The transmission range extends to more than 300 feet
  • The frequency range is up to 42MHz
  • Comes with an automatic frequency scan and adaptive diversity functions
  • Two bundled receivers for an enhanced performance


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Shure Se215 Pro Review: What Are They

Shure has been one of the biggest names in live music gear for as long as we can remember. If you play, sing or go to live gigs, youve probably heard the sound of a Shure vocal microphone or guitar mic – and while Shure is primarily a microphone manufacturer, they also create some next-level studio headphones and in-ear monitors for us all to enjoy. If an in-ear monitoring system is something youve been considering and youre on a budget, then the Shure SE215 Pros should be very near the top of your list .

So, in-ear monitors then. Not to be confused with the humble earphone, a great pair of in-ears will do an awful lot to help you sound and play better. There are many different manufacturers all vying for your attention and hard-earned cash, and many different price points for you to explore when looking for a pair of in-ear monitors. Obviously if you pay more, you get more – but do you really need more? That answer is probably no.

Out of the box, the SE215 Pros look like a pretty smart, lower profile in-ear. The construction is pretty basic, with either clear, black or blue plastic phones on offer. Theyre nothing groundbreaking, but perfectly adequate for something that is going to sit in your ear for a few hours at a time. The box also contains some added extras – a zippered carrying case, cleaning/fitting tool and various different sizes of foam and silicone sleeves to ensure you get a comfortable and tight fit.

Mackie MP-220 Shure SE425

Why Choose A Wireless In

Shure PSM200 In Ear Monitor System

By using wireless in-ear monitors, the stage volume is lowered. This allows the performer to clearly hear their music/vocals. Moreover, this protects the performers ears from too much stress from too many loud noises.

Having in-ear monitors allows you to omit the use of stage monitors. This is because whats happening on the stage can already be relayed through the earpiece. Stage monitors do not come with sound isolating technology compared to in-ear monitors. Using in-ear monitor systems can dramatically reduce stage volume for easier sound management.

Wireless in-ear monitors are literally in-ear, in the same way, that earplugs fit into the ear canal. In-ear monitoring systems are shaped to fit comfortably in the ears. This is very important as performers often use these for several hours.

In-ear monitors are portable, and wireless in-ear monitor systems allow the performer to freely move around the stage.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wireless Iem System

A wireless IEM system comes with more advantages than an ordinary stage monitoring system. Here are the top reasons why a lot of musicians choose the former.

  • Freedom to move on stage, which can be convenient for a lead singer
  • Clearer in-ear sound
  • Fewer wires on the stage to eliminate tripping
  • Less wattage usage since the IEM systems only require batteries to work

Are Shure Monitor Systems Good

Shure have spent almost 100 years researching and developing the highest quality products in audio technology. They provide countless musicians and performers with exceptionally high-quality audio.

Shure understands that having products you can depend on is vital to a performer when on stage. This is why the same wireless technology that is in Shures wireless microphone systems has been adapted for their in-ear monitor systems.

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What Are The Downsides Of Using A Wireless Iem System

Of course, nothing comes without disadvantages. But, luckily, a wireless IEMs benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. Still, youll want to take a look at these negative aspects to make a well-rounded decision.

  • More expensive than traditional monitoring systems
  • Will require you to always keep a large stock of batteries
  • Some musicians who arent used to IEM systems may not be fans of having something in their ears
  • Not be suitable for those who wear hearing aids

Xvive U4r4 Wireless In

Shure PSM300 In

Looking for a moderately-priced four-pack wireless in-ear monitoring system? Well, this one by Xvive includes everything we love about the single version. But, instead of one receiver, you get four devices to work with your four-member band.

Much like its sibling, the U4R4 edition uses an operation frequency of 2.4GHz. Plus, it has a transmission range of 90 feet, making it a good option for live music, studio sessions, rehearsals, etc.

Also, the unit comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that can last up to five hours.

The Xvive U4R4 doesnt come with earphones, though, so youll have to buy those in separation.


  • Construction materials and durability

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Shure Psm300 P3tr112gr Wireless In

Heres a wonderful choice for entry-level users who need a system that balances a reasonable price and an uncompromised quality. The P3TR1122GR version of the PSM300 is slightly more affordable than its popular twin, which is the P3TRA215CL.

Despite this reduction in price, our buddy here can offer outstanding sound quality and signal fidelity. It comes with a wide frequency range to suit numerous uses, not to mention that it supports 15 channels.

Even better, this Shure product can send and receive 24MHz signals over 300 feet without dropouts. So, you should be less worried about technical issues while youre center stage.

With its one-touch frequency scan and IR sync, setting up this system should take minimal time and effort. For someone whos just begun experimenting with wireless IEM systems, that sounds like a treat.


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