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What To Eat When Sore Throat

Switch It Up: Reconsider Your Breakfast Choices

What Causes a Sore Throat? HOME Remedies and Cures for Fast TREATMENT| Doctor Explains

Livestrong explains that coarse foods can lead to a worsened sore throat. It says that granola and toast can scratch your throat, which will likely not improve your condition.

The source says to instead reach for easy to swallow substitutes for sustenance including eggs, cooked cereals , smoothies, and yogurt.

When To See Your Doctor

If your sore throat doesnt go away, see your doctor. Most sore throats occur due to viral infections, such as a cold or the flu, or bacterial infections, such as strep throat. If you have a bacterial infection, your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic. Antibiotics will not treat a sore throat that occurs due to a viral infection.

Sore throats can also occur due to environmental factors like seasonal allergies, inhaling cigarette smoke, or even dry air. People who snore can also experience sore throats.

See your doctor if your sore throat has become unbearable and youre starting to feel worse or if you experience other symptoms like:

  • difficulty swallowing or breathing

How To Treat A Sore Throat

The first and most cost-effective way to relieve your sore throat is by gargling with warm water and salt. Pour about a tablespoon of salt into 8 ounces of warm water. Stir the salt around in the water. Then, take a few sips, tip your head back, and gargle. Make sure not to swallow. Instead, spit it out and repeat.

Some herbal remedies may help. Herbal throat spray, drops, or teas that contain licorice root or honeysuckle flower can provide some relief. Before using an herbal treatment, though, make sure youre aware of any potential:

  • interactions with other medications
  • interactions with other herbal supplements

If you arent sure what you can safely take, ask your doctor. This is especially true if youre pregnant or think you might be pregnant. Some herbal remedies arent safe to use during pregnancy.

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You can also use over-the-counter methods. Throat lozenges that you can get in some grocery and drugstores not only take away the sting of a sore throat for a little bit, but many also have a pleasant taste.

Acetaminophen is a mild pain reliever some people use for minor aches and pains. It can also help soothe a sore throat. Before taking acetaminophen, make sure to read the directions on the packaging and take the suggested amount thats best for you.

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What Foods And Drinks Should You Avoid When You Have A Sore Throat

You should stay away from crunchy and acidic foods when you have a sore throat because these can create tenderness around the throat area, which is already painful to begin with, says Tolentino. So things like crackers, coffee, and alcohol are all off-limits.

Oftentimes, these types of foods can also cause acid reflux, which can aggravate already sore throats. Spicy foods like specific sauces and seasonings with chilies and cayenne will also be irritating to the throat since they can affect the throat lining. For people with specific allergies or acid reflux, certain foods like dairy can also increase mucus production and even tomatoes for some, adds Tolentino. So she recommends determining the cause of your throat pain early, ideally with the help of a doctor.

Veggie Broth With Garlic Turmeric And Black Pepper

Remedies for sore throat updated (2020) : Tikkay Khan

Warm broth is comforting, and the steam can help loosen congestion if you’re also stuffed up. Plus, veggie broth can provide nutrients and antioxidants, and become a vehicle for delivering other beneficial ingredients, such as garlic. Its sulfur compounds fight inflammation. And garlic contains antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal compounds, which can boost immunity. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that aged garlic extract may enhance immune cell function. In the study group that received garlic, individuals had reduced cold and flu severity, fewer symptoms, and a smaller number of missed days of work or school.

Make sure you add some turmeric to your broth, too. The spice has long been used in Asian countries for medicinal properties for centuries, according to the Oregon State University Micronutrient Information Center. OSU notes that the root’s active component, curcumin, helps lower levels of enzymes in the body that fuel inflammation. However, curcumin is not well utilized without the addition of piperine, a substance found in black pepper, so be sure to add pepper too!

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Eat: Dont Fear Other Dairy Products

Healthline says that some other dairy products, such as milk and plain yogurt, can also be good things for bad throats. Thats because theyre easy to swallow, and the soft texture wont irritate your throat on the way down, notes the source.

This is contrary to the popular belief that milk products can make a sore throat worse from increased phlegm production. The Mayo Clinic says the science doesnt back up the belief that milk and phlegm are related. In fact, it says a fruit and yogurt smoothie provides zinc, calcium, and more that can benefit you.

Diy Methods To Get Rid Of Sore Throat

Sometimes the best way to get rid of a sore throat is by using old-fashioned remedies. Here are few DIY mixes you can gargle with to soothe your pipes.

  • Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria and soothes a sore throat. It can also break down phlegm. Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water. Then add a teaspoon of salt.
  • Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey.
  • Crush two cloves of garlic and blend it with a cup of water. Garlic acts as an antibacterial and antiviral remedy.

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Mashed Sweet Potato With Cinnamon

Sweet potatoes provide two key immune-supporting nutrients: vitamins A and C, according to the United States Department of Agriculture . Both vitamins are antioxidants that protect cells against aging and disease. Sweet potatoes are also full of anti-inflammatory compounds. A 2015 study published in BioMed Research International found that these root vegetables, specifically the purple kind, exhibit anti-inflammatory activities. Plus, the mashed texture is soothing for a sore throat.

Cinnamon adds flavor, but is also a potent source of antioxidants and supports immunity by helping to fend off viruses, bacteria, and fungi, according to a 2014 study published in Hindawi. Mix the spice with a little maple syrup or honey, and fold into the mash, or blend both with a few water soaked dates, almond flour, and maple syrup to make a nutritious “pudding.”

Foods To Eat And Avoid When You Have A Sore Throat

12 Best Food to Eat with a Sore Throat | Healthy eating
  • Some foods and drinks like potato chips, red meat, coffee, and acidic juices can irritate the throat.
  • Other foods can help soothe the throat such as soup, smoothies, ice cream, and bananas.
  • If your sore throat is severe or lasts longer than 1-week, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Almost everyone can relate to having a sore throat at some point or another, probably multiple times in their lifetime. However, there are many things that can be the root cause of a sore throat, so dont jump to any dire conclusions.

No matter what the cause is, did you know there are some foods that can make your sore throat last longer or be more intense, while others can naturally soothe it? Well, you will now! Were going to detail a number of foods that youll want to leave behind until your throat is healed or beyond.

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Food And Drinks That Soothe A Sore Throat

When you have a swollen inflamed sore throat, swallowing can be difficult and often quite uncomfortable. This can make the mere thought of eating and drinking rather unpleasant. Here, weâll review some food and drink that can help ease the irritation and discomfort of eating and drinking with a sore throat.

Drinks For Sore Throat

Drinking the right fluids can help ease the scratchiness of a sore throat, too. Plus, they offer a much-needed boost of nutrients and/or antioxidants to speed up healing.

  • Warm water with lemon and honey: Warm water is crucial to help quench thirst and stave off dehydration while soothing the throat. Adding a bit of honey can help speed up the recovery of a sore throat due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. A squeeze of lemon helps provide a dose of vitamin C to boost your immunity.
  • Pomegranate juice: Some studies have suggested pomegranate juice can reduce inflammation and fight off infection.
  • Ginger tea: A warm cup of tea is soothing to the throat, and ginger is gentle on a sore throat and can reduce congestion.
  • Chamomile tea: Chamomile is known to reduce inflammation while also helping with relaxation and sleep the latter of which boosts your immune system. And you know what that means, right? A faster recovery!
  • Peppermint tea: Peppermint can help ease swelling and congestion.
  • Slippery elm tea: This tea is called slippery for a reason. When mixed with water, it turns into a gel-like substance which is great for soothing a sore throat. The gel coats your throat, which helps to protect it as well.
  • Licorice root tea: This tea works best when gargled. After it cools down, gargle it for 10 seconds before spitting it out. But before trying this remedy, run it by your doctor first.

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Foods To Help A Sore Throat

A sore throat is usually caused by a bacterial infection and it usually indicates an onset of cold. It may also indicate strained vocal chords or a strep throat. Eating proper foods can help in easing the symptoms and fight inflammation thus providing the requisite energy to the body.

The 9 foods which help in treating a sore throat are:

  • Bananas: These foods are packed with vitamin C that allows you to recover quickly from an illness. They are also relatively soft and easier to swallow which make them a preferred food if you have a sore throat.
  • Cooked carrots: Carrots contain good amounts of vitamin A eating them roasted or sauteed is a good way to consume the required nutrients. This vegetable also contains carotenoids in good amounts which are beneficial for the body.
  • Tea: Tea is usually preferred by people when they have a sore throat. Tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in fighting infections in the body. Tea also helps in fighting stress and contributes to increased focus.
  • Cooked cabbage: Cabbage contains antioxidants along with Sulfur, vitamin K and vitamin C, which helps in fighting infection in the body. It can also relieve symptoms of headache.
  • Sage: Sage is a herb that has powerful infection fighting properties. Mixing crushed sage with warm water or sprinkling it in your soup can help alleviate symptoms of cold and sore throat.
  • More Remedies To Soothe Your Sore Throat


    1. Plenty of Rest

    Here’s a good excuse to catch up on your sleep. The body repairs itself while you sleep, so get as much as you can. Even just resting helps. Staying in away from others protects both you and others from being exposed to your illness.

    2. Hydration

    Drink plenty of water, even when it feels and tastes unpleasant. Keeping your throat lubricated will ease swallowing and keep you from becoming dehydrated.

    3. Salt Water Gargling

    Gargle with warm salt water to help relieve a sore throat. Mix a quarter teaspoon of salt in an 8-ounce glass of warm water.

    4. Humidifier

    A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which can help ease your discomfort. A cool-mist humidifier may be more beneficial for sore throats than a warm one. Clean it daily to destroy any mold or bacteria that easily form inside.

    5. Avoiding Irritants

    Stay away from irritating smoke and fumes. Cigarette smoke is especially irritating to a sore throat, but paint fumes or fume from cleaning products can also exacerbate the problem.

    6. Lozenges and Sprays

    Throat sprays such as Chloraseptic temporarily numb the pain of a sore throat. Menthol and eucalyptus cough drops can also lessen the pain and irritation and stimulate saliva production to keep your throat moist.

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    What Kinds Of Food And Drink Should I Have With A Sore Throat

    The first thing you should do is to always stay hydrated, says Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, DO. Water can thin any sort of mucus secretions that might be occurring, and it can also help with the hydration of the throat and keep it moist, she explains.

    Other than water, Tolentino also recommends warm liquids like broths and teastheyre easy to swallow and soothing. You should also try to eat mostly soft foods when you have a sore throat, so as to not aggravate the delicate throat lining, so think blander options like yogurt, oatmeal, and Jell-O.

    What Is The Fastest Way To Cure A Sore Throat

    The best way to cure a sore throat is to rest and allow your body to fight any infection or illness youve come down with that is causing your sore throat.

    Staying hydrated, eating a healthy/soft diet, and using home remedies are good ways to reduce the pain from a sore throat. You can also look to over-the-counter remedies and pain relievers if home remedies arent enough to treat your sore throat.

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    How Long Do Sore Throats Last

    Usually, a sore throat should last no more than three to 10 days. However, if you find your achy esophagus has lasted for weeks, it could be something more serious. You may have an infection or tonsillitis which is caused by a bacterial infection or virus. If you suspect this is the case, see your doctor. They usually prescribe antibiotics like penicillin.

    What Foods And Drinks Should You Have

    “Sore Throat (Throat Pain) Vanished in 2 Hours With These 2 Tips

    Foods that are soft and very easy to swallow are usually safe to eat when you have a sore throat. The soft texture will help limit the amount of irritation to your throat. Warm foods and beverages can also help soothe your throat.

    Some foods you may want to eat are:

    • warm, cooked pasta, including macaroni and cheese
    • warm oatmeal, cooked cereal, or grits
    • gelatin desserts
    • dry snack foods, such as potato chips, pretzels, or popcorn
    • fresh, raw vegetables
    • acidic fruits, such as oranges, lemons, lime, tomatoes, and grapefruits

    In some people, dairy may thicken or increase mucus production. This may prompt you to clear your throat more often, which may aggravate your sore throat.

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    Foods To Avoid When You Have A Sore Throat

    Avoid all foods with inflammatory properties when you have a sore throat. Inflammatory foods can often make your sore throat worse and delay your bodys natural healing process. Sugary foods, fatty foods, acidic foods, and alcohol are some food groups to avoid when you have a sore throat.

    Refrain from eating the following foods until after your sore throat has healed:

    • Cows milk products

    Avoid: Put Red Meat On Hold

    According to Livestrong, red meat can be an aggravator when it comes to a sore throat situation. The main reason, it says, is because red meat is considered high-fat, and therefore harder for your body to process. The result is that the extra work to digest can suppress your immune system.

    Once that happens, symptoms of a cold such as a sore throat may worsen, the source explains. Instead of throwing a steak in the oven, you can choose leaner meats such as chicken and fish. There could be other health benefits of cutting certain meats for the long term, such as a lowered risk of colon cancer.

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    Chamomile Tea With Lemon

    In addition to providing anti-inflammatory compounds, chamomile has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and sleep is especially vital when you’re sick. A 2015 study published in the Journal of American Nursing found that post-partum women who drank chamomile tea before bed had better sleep quality than those who didn’t. If you also have a cough, the antispasmodic benefit of chamomile may help. Add fresh lemon for a vitamin C boost and bonus antioxidants.

    Things To Eat And Drink When You Have A Sore Throat

    10 Foods to Eat When You Have a Sore Throat

    Below is a list of the best Is ice cream good for strep throat public topics compiled and compiled by our team

    No one likes having a sore throat, and as a mother, you especially hate seeing your little one sick. You know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. That raw and scratching feeling makes everything hard to manage, including eating and drinking, which, for obvious reasons, can be particularly difficult with a sore throat. Everything feels like youre swallowing rocks if youre not careful or aware of the right foods to consume. As a result, your kiddo might not want to eat anything at all.

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    However, its imperative to continue eating with a sore throat to help fight off further illness and keep your little one satiated and hydrated. So what can your child eat with a sore throat? Thankfully, there is a slew of delicious and soft foods that kids will not only enjoy but can also help treat their sore throat.

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